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layouts, detaining pets and blunt interviewees

Blogging will have to wait. And you know why blogging will have to wait? Because I promised my son I would make him a spiffy new layout for his Neopets guild and I can't seem to come up with exactly what he wants for the So I look at some of the other guilds and they all seem to have been made by 13 year old anime fans with the spelling and grammar skills of an elephant but, man do they have some designing skills. So why can't I make this simple little thing? No idea. Maybe I'm subconsciously trying to compete with all those teen girls who think the only color scheme in the world involves 42 shades of purple.

Anyhow, via Jason Aaron, I came upon a great interview with Jhonen Vasquez:

DRE: They must spell your name all sorts of different ways.

JV: "Dear Joehononoonannim, I'm your biggest fan." If you're my biggest fan why can't you just fucking spell my name right. It gets me so angry sometimes I just have to stuff my ears with cud and throw myself down the stairs until I am so messed up I can focus only on my shattered bones and not the sanity crushing horror of how badly some of these people write. And it's not all kids, either. You get 16, 18, 20 year olds who "cant fome a sentince 2 save their lifes. LOL!!".

Can you imagine if the presidential candidates were as honest as that during debates and interviews?

Back to the freaking Neopets drawing board. Oh, and if you hate the Patriot Act, don't ever join Neopets. I think it's run by Ashcroft's evil twin. Not only will they take your account away and not tell you why, they won't even let you defend or explain yourself. I think three of my son's accounts are now buried in the Gitmo of Neoland.

Yea, that's this morning's blog. As they say on Fark:



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Some of your cultural references make me feel old. I guess its true you need kids to keep you thinking/feeling young. I need to get some before its too late, otherwise I'll have to be content with my memories of Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit.

You might could link your son's Neopet page so he earns some of those phat Neopoints. Think I have enough to almost buy a slice of pizza at this point.

And, um, Jason is the guy who says please. I'm the uppity one.

I like this site, it helps, but I can't seem to find exactly what I am looking for! Thanks anyways!