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Due to circumstance beyond my control (and some within my control) I will not be able to attend the Big Apple Blogger Bash as anticipated.

My sincerest apologies to those I coerced into going. I owe you all a drink.


Well, we'll have a drink for you then, ok? :)

What? I can't tell you how disappointed I am about this, Michele. All the way from Florida, I get this close (holding index finger and thumb a small distance apart) to meeting you, and you can't make it. Talk about premature...oh, never mind. You owe me a diet Coke.

I plan on collecting.


The Command Psost has been linked at the FoxNews site.


Check the song at the bottom of that story on Fox - YEEEAAARRGGGGG.

Yay!Michele and Lileks make the Fox thang!

The link in the Fox piece is busted, sadly.

I just tried them and they both worked. The song was mentioned in the Wall street Journal today also.

yeah - i can't make it tonight either= pretty bummed

I'm still stuck at work, so I'm not making it either.


I'll take a Mic Ultra, please. And update my link, thank you.