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my astute, intelligent, mature, profound commentary on the presidential debate

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All right....Kucinch as Tinky Winky? TINKY WINKY?! Everyone knows he's really Po.

Some pictures may be worth a thousand words. These must be worth a couple million.


Jenni, I don't know one Teletubbie from another. I didn't mean to imply that Kucinich is gay. I just meant to imply that he lives in an alternate reality where everything looks like rainbows and a baby lives in the sun and giggles at the beautiful flowers. Everybody skip!


Who is that handsome guy matched with Clark? Do you have his phone number?

The Dean and Kucinich ones are kind of unnerving. Per the latter, whenever I see him I'm reminded of that Simpsons episode where everyone thinks there's an alien in the woods and it turns out to be Mr. Burns. "I bring you peeeeace."

I didn't realize you hated Clark that much!

"Who is that handsome guy matched with Clark? Do you have his phone number?"

Yeah, it's 1-800-I-SUE-YOU.

Amy, just to make Treach's comment explicit: that's T*d R*ll. Disgusting, isn't it? If I were a mad biologist (rather than a mad physicist), I'd be looking for some ugly yet smart / sensible / kind guy to exchange brains with T*d. Suggestions? Volunteers?

Great job, I had to get up off the floor from laughing. Thanks!

Bah. Lieberman is clearly Droopy, Kerry is Treebeard the Ent. Or a member of the undead.

Some liberal I am -- I misspelled "Kucinich" in my first comment. And I have two toddlers, but I can only ID Tinky Winky and Po. I refuse to allow those freaks into my home.

(And I knew you didn't mean that hunka-hunka was gay. Gasp!) He does seem to live in a Jerry Brown world, doesn't he? Now I can't look at the guy without thinking of some cute giggling sun-face baby. And Jerry Falwell.

weel, you did better than i did. I just larfed and said they all need coupons for Supercuts. Or a taxidermist. Whichever is more appropriate.

I don't know. I see Joe Lieberman = Elmer Fudd; Al Sharpton = Foghorn Leghorn; Wesley Clark = Yosemite Sam.


I agree with Treacher. I had no idea you felt that strongly about Clark.

I could see Zoidberg as president. Yeah, that could work. As long as he has Leela as sec'y of defense.

I agree with Scott. I always thought Lieberman looked like Droopy, or maybe even Senator/Emperor Palpatine.

Too bad Gephardt dropped out. I'm going to miss that real-life "Howdy Doody."

I thought Kucinich looked more like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine.

Kucinich looks like Gilligan from Gilligan's Island.

Dr. Zoidberg actually has a personality, and is funny. And he talks about himself in the 3rd person. I don't think Lieberman has anything in common with him, other than both are Jewish.

Hey, did you see you (Command Post) got a special mention in an AP story on blogs on the campaign trail?

Where's the picture of Shrub = A waffle iron?

"Where's the picture of Shrub = A waffle iron?"

Bush did not participate in Thursday night's debate. If you wanted to put up a picture of Bush and a picture of a waffle iron on your blog, though, that might be kind of funny.

I would have hooked Clark with Niedermeyer from Animal House, and Sharpton with David Duke.

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