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But what about the maggots??


Who is this man and why does he have a waffle on his head?

You might not believe me if I told you. Hell, I'll tell you anyhow just because it gives me the giggles to think about it.

John Rolls, Director of Animal Welfare for the RSPCA, is now campaigning for the welfare of maggots, roaches and ants.

I kid you not. Scott has the scoop. Have you got a caption?


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"Animal Activist unsuccessfully attempts to lure squirrels into eating him in an effort to understand how animals feel about being food"

Probably too long

"The rodent on the left was reported to say, 'If they ain't Belgium, I don't want them'"

"New Waffle Maker Using Human Sweat Faces Rodent Problem"

"Nobody ever ordered the 'Ratty Tatty Fresh & Hatty' breakfast twice."

"Claiming Bush is in cahoots with the foil industry, George Monbiot experiments with alternate methods of mind-control prevention."

"Moviegoers have complained of excessive product placement in the latest, Eggo-sponsored remake of 'Willard'."

"Leggo my eggo, you damn varmints!"

I have no idea on this one, can't even think of a semi-serious thing to say.

I feel sorry for him. Now people are going to think he's a crank just because he tied waffles to his head and let rats eat them. Haven't we all done that at some point? I say let he who has not tied waffles to his head and let rats eat them cast the first stone.

James Lileks doing research on his new book"From Head Cheese To Waffle Wearing."

Willard tests his new rat mind-control helmet, film at 11.

And why is he holding them on with a thong?

"This still looks better than my tinfoil hat at home."

"Ben, the two of us need look no more
We have found what we were looking for.
With a waffle on my dome
I will never be alone
and you, my friend, will see
you have a....AIEEEEE!"

at this point it was determined that the rats were not Michael Jackson fans. Either that, or they ate through the waffle and hit scalp.

"jockstrap asshat feeds flapjacks to rats on his back"

Miraculous new hair recovery method tested by volunteers.

How about one of these:

"Could SOMEONE (ANYONE) please pass the maple syrup?"

"I did this to prove one thing to every one: I'm NOT a nut."

"This is how I train my new breed of killer rats to attack a human."

"Heh heh heh! No one will EVER notice I'm holding these waffles to my head using a jockstrap!" (or "...wife's g-string")

"My therapist says this is good for overcoming my fear of waffles."

"Zeb thought that his latest visit to the Hair Club for Men was a success until one of his coworkers shouted, 'Hey! That's no toupee. That's a bunch of rats on your head.!'"

The DNC tests out their new plan to attract swing voters.

Caption: I should have used tortillas, you just can't wrap a rat in a waffle.

Oh, Heavens, ya'll are all geniuses! I'm crying here.

Imperial Keeper

Got Syrup?

Food for Thought: The New York Times, desperate to regain its credibility, turned to Indymedia as a source for its Opinion Editors.

"Do these rats make my head look fat?"


I think that pretty well covers it.

"Yeah... only three rats now, wait till I dip my head in syrup!"
"I strapped it on my butt but the rats wouldn't eat the waffles."
"Forget fried chicken and waffles!"
"Next time I'm going to put baked beans in my pants and see if I can attract a pack of wild dogs!"
"Forget Canada, this is how I got out of going to 'nam!"

The newspaper headline tomorrow morning:
"JPL Scientist Tries Alternative Antenna To Regain Communication With The Mars Rover."

"Anything for Bon Jovi Tickets!"


"Look, I'm not a perfect person. I have my warts. I sometimes say things that get me in trouble. I wear suits that are cheap. I strap waffles and rats to my head with panties. But I say what I think and I believe what I say, and I'm willing to say things that are not popular but ordinary people know are right," he said. "In other words, I lead with my heart and not my head. That's the only chance we have against George Bush."