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i am whatever i say i am

So I'm standing in 7-11 getting my hot chocolate/blueberry coffee combo (that I swore I would never drink) and I happen to notice one of the ten thousand headlines on the front page of USA Today:

Dean Plans Return To 'Who I Really Am'

Oh? So Dean was just putting on act the past few weeks? Call me silly, but I don't think that admitting you've been faking it is a great way to garner voters.

Just saying.


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so he's only partially psycho?

Oh,he's fully twisted,we're just going to see the Sybil Effect from here on out.

After hearing the State of the Union and the Domestic-Debacle part of the speech, I'm coming out behind a hopeful Edwards-Clark ticket.

Dean's too creepy and Kerry is, frankly, too ugly. And did you know he served in Vietnam?

Chocolate and blueberry? Eewww.

Makes Wasabi coated roasted green peas sound normal.

(opportunity to drop gratuitous link to exterior blog voluntarily skipped)(just sayin)

In the article you saw, Dean blames "incessant ... pounding" from rivals for blowing his campaign off-course and away from who he really is.

Which, um, doesn't bode well for his ability to stay who he really is if he were to find himself as, oh, say, President.

Windy: wasabi peas are perfectly normal, in fact they are awesome for ailing sinuses. (Sini?)

Didn't Gore say basically the same thing in '00?

I think he ought to try to go for the V-necked T-shirt look that Clark is sportin' on the cover of the Advocate, currently in prominent display on Drudge (is it just me, or does Clark look like Chris Cooper in American Beauty?).

Please not Clark, please not clark...anyone but clark. Talk about a skitzo. He changes his positions on things more often than a cheap bookie.

I could've sworn that for a time last week that Dean was being Clark and vice versa. Maybe Mad Howie has broken into Clark's Citadel of Multilateral Foreign Policy and stolen his mind back.

Yeah, both Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2003 (when he was in free-fall) repeatedly promised to show who they really were. Like Clark keeps telling is a leader.

Don't tell me. Just show me.

IMO Dean is toast, and his spectacular meltdown is great news for any Democrat who cares about actually having a chance to win in 2004.

It's looking to me like John Edwards would probably the strongest candidate the Dem's could run.

OFJ, it's "sinuses". There was a good column in "The Straight Dope" site (strangely enough, not about marijuana) about how words from Greek and Latin are made plural in English.