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why should i care?

Now I remember why I stopped beating on Ted Rall and writing about divisive political issues. My sentiments tend to be misunderstood. Or is that misread? Or perhaps, not read at all, but skimmed and doused with assumptions?

Kfx was not impressed with my musing on the French.

Michelle asks...."Give me one good reason why I should care what those cowardly people say about us."

Quite simply....why should you care? because you fucking should.

Oh, come now. That's like me saying to my kids, "Because I said so, that's why!" Please, explain further why I fucking should.

This isn't about politics folks, this isn't about nationalism or patriotism...this is bigger than that. This is the real world, Michelle, and they are not going to go away. Just like the rest of the world is not going to go away.

I don't care if they go away or not. I haven't asked them to leave the planet. But I can certainly choose not to care what a bunch of seven year old brainwashed babes have to say about Evil Capitalist America. It sure is about nationalism, Kfx. It's about France thinking it's somehow above everyone else. To put it bluntly, they think their shit don't stink.

Look, we all want the same things here. We want a world where we don't have to worry about our children getting slaughtered. We want a world where political extremists don't use us and our families as targets, and we don't hear stories of young mothers blowing themselves up in the hope of taking out a few enemies when the go. We're not so different, we simply disgree on how to get there.

It is to laugh! Are you really that naive, Kfx? The French hate us. France is a hotbed of anti-Semitic activity. They are harboring terrorists. We don't just disagree on how to get there, we disagree on where the hell we are going. France is quickly becoming Muslim central. And I don't mean Religion of Peace Muslims. I mean Jew-hating, American Jihad, put on your veil, all hail al-Qaeda Muslims. And not only are plenty of French people welcoming this new crop of citizens, but the authorities in France are turning a blind eye to the downward turn of their country.

This world has become too small for nationalism. No country stands alone, nor can any survive economically with out the rest. To think that one country can call all the shots, or ignore the desires, wishes or opinions of the rest of the world without consequence is the worst kind of backwoods politics. It is utterly devoid of foresight.

Who exactly are you talking about here, Kfx? The way I see it, France is the one at fault here. After all, I don't see American school children participating in art galleries that show their hatred of France. As Rall said (most likely in agreeance) about the French: They see Bush as a vicious, thoughtless warmonger with fascist tendencies, Americans as arrogant brutes who don't give a passing thought to the innocent people who die at the hands of their government and rapacious corporations as hegemonic steamrollers that crush cultural distinctiveness and independence in their ceaseless quest for the almighty dollar.

Hegemonic steamrollers crushing cultural independence. Sounds a bit like France's take on Jews and Americans to me. Hey, isn't it Chirac who wants to ban any kind of religious dress in schools? Isn't it Chirac who is making Muslim women unveil in school and asking Jewish kids to not wear a visible Star of David? Why, yes. It is Chirac. I do believe it is France that is ignoring the wishes of the Iraqi people to be free.

Look up the word unilateral, Kfx. Then look up the word multilateral. Then check and see how many countries have troops in Iraq. Then tell me who ignoring the desires and wishes of whom.

So why should I care? Why should I try to understand the mindset of a seven year old kid who draws a picture of America as a giant baseball bat smacking the world? His opinion is not his own. His opinion is that of his mother and father and teachers. And I choose to stop caring why they hate us because I know it's all a crock of propagandist shit and I refuse to look into the heart and soul of a France's rotten inner child to find out what I may have done to make it act like such a spoiled, rotten brat. I'm just going to tell France what I tell my kids: I am going to walk out of this room and I will not listen to you again until you can behave like a normal human being.


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Wrong on the Eagles, right on the Frogs.

We can't just ignore France... what other country rhymes with underpants?

I see London, I see France, I see you in your underpants. C'mon, sing along.

No country stands alone, nor can any survive economically with out the rest. To think that one country can call all the shots, or ignore the desires, wishes or opinions of the rest of the world without consequence is the worst kind of backwoods politics. It is utterly devoid of foresight.

Unless, of course, you happen to be, say, France.

So far behind, they think they're in the lead.

They're not purple
They're not pink
Butboy oh boy they sure do stink.

Neener neener Michele is right.

I'm gonna tell them what my daddy told me.
You ain't never gonna amount to nothin'

you're doing the same thing the "French" are doing, which is the same thing the Americans and Russians did during the cold war. Hate the government, hate the politics and hate the policies... the people are a different matter. As we know, a government and/or policies don't necessarily tell the whole story of the will of the people and/or the thoughts of individuals...

why should we care? Because it's a perception leveled directly at US. You and me. That's why we SHOULD care... You don't, and I really don't, because the squawking from the French government has gotten so loud and so repetitive that we have ceased to give a damn. It's become like a child saying "I know you are, but what am I??" over and over again when reasoned with. You spank the child and put them to bed....

On a side note: why didn't you rip him a new one for giving you an extra "L"????

Dave here - successfully ignoring France since 1986.

The French are bitter and pissy because they are no longer players in the world and neither is their language. This is the reason they are perfectly happy to deal with vicious despots who are willing to speak French. I have attended several Francophonie events and the amount of people there representing democratic countries was minimal at best.

Why should we pay attention to France? What is there significance? If someone made the argument that we should listen to China or India, as they are the most populous nations, I could see that. If someone made the argument that we should listen to Canada or Mexico, because they are our nearest neighbors, I would buy that argument. If someone made the argument that we should listen to particular countries (like, say, Australia and England) who have stood by the U.S. in everything for the past 80 years (or longer), I would agree that that argument is valid.

But France? A country which unilaterally messes with its former African colonies? A country which seems to have turned a blind eye to illegal sales of weapons to Hussein during a supposed embargo? That moral nation? That arbiter of justice? I beg pardon?

I think France would spend its energies better in trying to fix their domestic problems and stay out of the business of other countries.
A little isolationism would probably do France some good.

Michele...well said. This philosophy will come back and bite them in the ass soon enough.

As the President eloquently stated, "We don't need a permission slip from anyone to defend ourselves". Paraphrasing of course but the message is clear. France still has the odacity to still their hand out expecting contracts as a result of a war that they REFUSED to take part in. That's o.k. though. Soon enough (I don't wish this but it's inevitable with this kind of ignorance), the Muslim extremists will be marching through Paris and then they'll come begging for help from "somebody". Wonder who that will be?? Belgium?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

You forgot to say YAAAARRRHHH!

Well said, Michele.

If the French want to go forward with the rest of the world, they need to jump on our train......we're not jumping off just for them.

If these countries are for peace, why don't they (and the U.N.) finally put a stop to Palestinean suicide bombing terrorists?

Why didn't they stop the atrocities in Iraq?

Why don't they stop the killings in Africa?

They are not for peace, they are for making themselves look good. They want to be Class President.

The U.S. however doesn't mind being Class Treasurer - because everyone knows that the Class Treasurer is the one that gets things done.

heck, I even stopped French kissing.

"You despise me, don't you?"
"If I gave you any thought I probably would."

News to Kfx: The world may not be going away, but France is. Honestly, France is everyone's angry great-great-grandfather: Too old and useless to be living anywhere other than in a rest home, but too stricken with Alzhiemers to be accepted by rest homes with strict safety codes. It's sad, really.

Ever since Cinco de Mayo, 1862, the general rule has been been: any country that gets its ass kicked by Mexico no longer has any right to call itself a great power, or indeed to be taken seriously at all. I mean, come on, by Mexico?!

I couldn't agree more. My father, however, never speaks ill of the French. He was in the 8th Air Force during World War 2 and the French Resistance smuggled him and his crew out of France and back to England after they were shot down. I asked him if he ever made contact with any of those people after the war. He told me that they were all killed by the Germans. I guess we're dealing with the ones the Germans didn't bother with.

Twenty years ago when those that lived through WW2 were in control, France wanted half the US 6th Fleet in French ports to help celebrate the XXth Anniversary of the Liberation of Southern France. I'm sure 30-40 years ago, it was a huge joint French-American celebation, but by the time I was in the Navy and a part of it the French wanted nothing to do with the Americans helping to celebrate. They only wanted a well lit aircraft carrier in the bay like some sort of ornament to the occasion. Crewmen were ordered to stay on board the actual day of the celebration. I'm sure by now we are politely invited to be somewhere else. I guess they are done thanking us for helping them out.
Maybe we should have colonized them after driving the Germans out. Probably should have colonized the Germans as well. Sure would have made "our goal or world domination" a lot easier.

Kfx (and Ted Rall) never bothered to think how pathetic it is that the French are subjecting little kids to political indoctrination against other countries. That's not my definition of resposible behavior, but it is what Palestine does. It's clear what sort of wonderful results they get.

If my wife thought I was a fool for taking out the garbage, I'd still take out the garbage.

That's what we did in Iraq.

The funny (well, not really) thing about Rall's column is that it suggests that American France-bashing is disgusting but French America-bashing is perfectly understandable. I mean, about eight restaurants across the country temporarily stopped calling their French fries "fries" and started calling them "freedom fries" and Rumsfeld once referred to France as "Old Europe", so it's perfectly natural that little French kids should draw Bush as a Hitleresque monkey-man biting the heads off Iraqi babies to suck down the sweet, sweet oil.

Why, if they knew I no longer write "French bread" on my shopping list, but "weasel bread" instead, they'd probably nuke us.

In preparation for adulthood, everyone ought to have to go through a stint as a nerd. Then they will learn that people can hate you for no real good reason. They can hate you for wearing the "wrong" kind of clothes, for being too smart, for having a big nose, for being too rich or not rich enough.

Now, I'm not suggesting that entire modern nations conduct themselves like the cool kids in junior high (although I would not be too quick to discount that possibility), but the point is that being disliked is not necessarily a reason to change your behavior. If you've examined their reasons and find them lacking, there's no reason to continue to obsess and grieve over their continued dislike.

Of course, that's what you would do if you were really in junior high.

I hate the French. You rock. mwah

Well, I just spent two days with several French business people - customers to be exact - and I'm more than willing to generalize 'till the cows come home. They're (the French, that is)arrogant SOB's who don't give a whit what the rest of the world thinks because, you see, they truly believe, from the bottom of their genes, that their shit stinks not.

Post Script-

The French hyde is thick from the continuous whacking it's taken over the centuries. They're immune from normal.

No, "hyde" might be accurate. In the "Jeckyl and Hyde" manner. :)

Why is it that everyone who disagrees with you can't spell your name correctly? It's not that hard people!

We and phrawnce have been at each others' throat for 200 years. Before we were American, French-Indian War, anyone?

Is it true that w/in the year of our independence, they were attacking our ships?

Did they really coin the term, "Americanization" after the Civil War?

Read John Adams' bio. NOTHING has changed in 200 years. There's a particular quote to highlight that, but I can't find it now.

Why are you still going to kfx. Dude's a loon.

Now I have to go see just to make sure.

I wish I was smart enough to figure out why we have to care so much about what the effing French think but what we think is unimportant to them.
If they're supposed to be allies they could try acting like it.