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Another notch on my anti-Bloomberg belt

Poor Dr. Atkins (yes the diet Dr. Atkins). He slipped and fell on an icy Manhattan street and died as a result.

Mayor Bloomberg doesn't seem to sympathetic:

During a lunchtime photo op yesterday at a Brooklyn firehouse, Bloomberg announced, "I don't believe that bullshit that [Atkins] dropped dead slipping on the sidewalk." The 61-year-old billionaire added that Atkins was "fat" and served "inedible" food at his Hamptons home when Bloomberg visited. The mayor's inference, of course, was that Atkins was actually felled by his meat-heavy diet, that his arteries were clogged with beef drippings.

The Smoking Gun begs to differ and has the deceased Doc's death certificate to prove it.

Not very diplomatic, is he?


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Bloomberg is claiming now it was a bad attempt at humor apparently - which still doesn't excuse it.

The ever classy Mayor Bloomberg strikes again.

Man, what a dick.

He didn't look like he was kidding when he said it...

As one who does the Atkins diet and someone who dosnt believe in speaking ill of the dead I hope the mayor gets run over bya garbage truck.

On wait Bloomberg is already politically dead so I please ignore my getting run over comment.

Shit just delete my poorly worded comment above...need to work on preview before post combination.

Any intelligent person knows that Atkins was murdered by the CIA for letting out the secret that meat is good for you, knowledge that was once limited to the ruling class. The rulers put a lot of effort into convincing us to eat bread and other grain products. And some people think, "Let them eat cake!", was just a gaffe from a stupid queen! Its how five billion peasants are kept alive! Come on people, get with it. Stop being hearded like sheep! Mayor Bloomberg can expect a visit from the rulers soon, and if he's still employed you won't hear him mention diet again!

Now the Peta- type headcases are not just satisfied with going after your meat.Some enviro study group claims that medicinal plants are endangered.Soylent Green time,my babies!

Bloomberg is an ass...

As if I didn't hate Bloomberg enough for the no-smoking in bars law.

Well, if we keep tallies of all the Bloomberg gaffes, and just write them all down, we can all work on the campaign of anyone who runs against him. Unless it's Mark Green.

"I've got a theory... about a demon.
A dancing demon - something's not quite right here"

Now all the mayor needs is a colossal YAARGH, and he can make a run for the Oval Office!

Dave Chappelle talked about Bloomberg in last night's Chappelle's Show. He was smoking indoors and challenging him to do something about it, or somethin like that. I think he says something like, "Man, Bloomberg is fucking up."