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you know what i hate?

When people ping a post they aren't even referencing.
When someone gets on in elevator before letting me get out.
Cartoon animals that don't wear clothes or wear just a shirt or a tie but no pants.
Overly earnest folk music.
When I can't stop yawning.
Warm lettuce.
Intrusive people.
Static cling.
When I feel unmotivated.
People who think everything is about them.
The Man Show.
Reunion tours.
"Long time listener, first time caller."
WordPerfect clipart.
People who listen to one half of a phone conversation and think they know what the conversation is about.

Ok, one thing I love. Hearing a song you completely forgot about. Thanks to Jim Treacher for that.

Oh, yea. Feel free to share. I'm going to fall asleep under my desk now. Someone wake me at 3:30?


I would be like to know what the designer of the Aztek looks like and dresses like.His concept of good lookin' is way different from mine.

"Long time listener, first time caller" is a lot like "I read you all the time, but I've never commented before." and I hate that one too, which probably isn't very nice of me, but it's just an unnecessary preface.

I don't know what "ping a post they aren't even referencing" means, but the rest I agree with. Except the one about the cartoon animals, since they do not have hands it is difficult for them to use the "facilities" with pants on. I assume by "cramps" you mean charley-horses. I really hate the "Man Show" and I'm a man, go figure.

1. people who leave a mess in a kitchen area at work
2. people who drive manual transmission and take it out of gear at a light, then don't prepare for the green by putting it in gear
3. people who are slow starting at a red light (because they're reading the paper, on the phone, stuffing their face) that's just turned green that cause ME to miss the light
4. people that STOP on an acceleration ramp that supposed to be where you get up enough speed to merge with traffic
5. people that don't wait their turn at a 4 way stop

Wake up! You're late.

People who think you must scream at cell and speaker phones.

What about Inkas and Tolteks and Mizteks?

(Oh, my.)

Jerry "ping a post they aren't even referencing"

Probably means what I do most of the time - go off on a tangent based on some remark that has little to do with the original post...

Which brings up "People who think everything is about them."

This post was about meeee

Overly earnest folk music.

What's worse:

1. political earnest folk music, with it's assumption of moral superiority and piety (and the assumption that everyone who disagrees is morally corrupt, stupid and in league with Satan)

2. Personal earnest folk music, with it's assumption that whining about oddly politicized minutia about your last breakup or case of herpes (or something) is art, and that I care.

Hi Michele.

What's wrong with Aztek?

Sing it, sister! Yes, Jules, it's unnecessary. The "long time listener, first time caller" phrase is a pet peeve for me as well, because as Lileks once wrote, NOBODY CARES. Besides, it takes up valuable air time.

Drivers who don't signal when they turn or change lanes are another big annoyance for me.

Erm, people who set up "More..." extensions to their posts and then don't put anything in them?

What about people that have their turn signal on, and then turn the OTHER way?

People who only move halfway into a turn lane and slow down while they're still blocking me.

Cafe Press

that thinks this is offensive:
and this is not:

Allah Pundit for the whole story

My favorite call in statement,
"Hi this is Bill, first time listener, longtime caller, I'll hang up and listen [click]"
When I did this the host broke up laughing for a minute.

Aztec=an old Honda CRV on steroids.
Aztec=butt ugly
If Native Americans were offended at the Cleveland Indians grinning mascot, they should be downright pissed off that Pontiac named that piece of crap after a tribe.

people who walk up and down the aisles of the grocery store, loudly asking their significant other over the cell phone what they are supposed to buy because either they or their SO was too $)(%* lazy to make a list.

those miniature grocery carts that well-meaning parents let their overactive kids use, and said overactive kid winds up banging the shins or the calves of people in the store.

store checkout people who stop to have a ten-minute conversation with the person in line because they know them from somewhere, when the line is ten people long (and I am at the very end of it).

people who go on some diet, lose weight, and then think everyone in the world should be on the same diet as them. The Atkins evangelists are the WORST for this, I've found.

women who are thin as rails but who won't ever partake in things like cake at retirement receptions (even a bite) because they are so terrified of gaining weight.

and I agree with Michele on the Azteks. A butt-uglier car there never was. (and that's saying a lot, when you think about the 1950s)

People who (1) never use their turn signals, (2) while driving on a two-lane road, (3) and point their cars in the opposite direction of where they're about to turn, so that I wind up having to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting them when they finally start their REAL turn.

Oh, and people who use boldface, italics, and all caps to emphasize words in comments.

(I think I should have ended my last comment with a quote from Mad Howie...)

People who are completely oblivious to other people. Particularly, people in front of you in any line. You know, the people that wait until they're at the ATM to fill out the deposit slip. People who ask for a price check over a 15 cent dispute on an item in a grocery line.

BTW, Michele, WordPerfect?! People still use that? Didn't Microsoft take over the world at the turn of the millennium

WordPerfect?! People still use that?

Lawyers do. For some reason, the legal profession has become a WordPefect island in an MS Word sea.

First of all, I HATE MsWord. Hate it. And I work in the legal arena, so that explains that.

People in the express line who are buying a bar of soap and a can of beans, and then pay with a check!

Do you hate the new "Man Show", or the older one with Jimmy Kimmel? Or both? I must admit the film of girls jumping on trampolines make me feel kinda weird, like when I go to the beach and see girls with little bikinis on. I hate myself.

I love WordPerfect...and I never worked in legal. It rocked in the 80s and it still rocks. I hate Microsoft products--and Word's lame attempt at being even remotely close to WordPerfect's quality...it's only "hot" 'cause it's Microsoft. It isn't necessarily a better product (and definitely isn't imho).

And while we're on technology--it annoys me that more people and companies don't take advantage of the many great open source apps out there (including OS) and support the open source "movement," instead "following the crowd," and settle for the subpar garbage products Microsoft spits out.

Just 'cause it's Microsucks doesn't mean it's the best option available...

I hate when you get over 700 comments in a single post advertising penis enlargements and your ISP disables your comment script.

Oh, Miche-ele, there's a really egregious Ted Rall column! It's about sweet innocent French schoolchildren who hate America! It's particularly stupid!

C'mon, Michele. You know you want to look. Do it. It'll get your blood moving. You want it you need it you can't live without it. Click the link. Click it.

And I'll just hang up and listen.

when people threaten physical harm to bloggers they disagree with.

That other Honda, the SUV, is butt-ugly too.

The New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

New York Y-- nevermind.

Ties (a noose around a man's neck).

Reality TV.

people who cut in line and the people who let them.

Those damned walkie-talkie phones that Andy Sipowicz advertises. Not only do I not like hearing one side of the conversation - I DOUBLY HATE HEARING both SIDES!

Aside: MS Word for Mac OS X is pretty cool. I don't think they've made WordPerfect for that platform.

WordPerfect is great, I used it even before I became a lawyer. No annoying Clippie popping up (and yes I know you can turn it off), and it doesn't try to take over when I'm making a custom template....which lawyers have to do all the time. It does the things lawyers need to do more efficiently than Word does. And it's more user-friendly.

So far the only thing that I like better about Word is the ability to put multiple items on the clipboard. And that's not that important to me.

mushy broccoli

Well, I don't hate Bill's comment. In fact, I think if that happened to me I'd be dumbstruck for a moment or two.

Things I do hate:

Mini Coopers

People who call and hang up seconds before I bring them on the air.

Politicians who answer with "yes" and "no" when I'm interviewing them.

There are still politicians who use Yes and No as answers? I haven't heard one of those in years--most of them sound as confused as a chameleon on plaid and couldn't give a one word answer if their life depended on it.