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this is what it looks like when dreams die


Yea, that's for you, Allah And Scott. Love you guys. Kiss kiss. Go ahead and say I'm as bad as the Eagles fans I pissed on the other day. I know I am. That's sports. Keep dreaming that this deal is going to happen. Keep on dreaming.


You really don't think it's going to happen? Or is that something you're telling yourself right now to keep yourself from screaming in terror? OH YEAH, WE'RE COMING.

I gotta admit, Sox fans have major cajones to have such bravado after so many long decades of misery and failure. Schilling will spend at least 6 weeks on the DL. Pedro, probably about the same. The power of the players union anchors A-Rod firmly in Arlington. Nomar will play like a man who's not wanted and wants out. Which, in fact, is what he is. Manny will be Manny but with fewer RBIs. That is to say, a man who is not wanted, and wants out, and has no work ethic, and is self centered beyond belief, but possesses enough natural talent to keep everyone pretending this is a guy they want on their team. Of course the Yanks will still be ripe to be taken ... but can the Sox do it? Doubt it.

Quite simply, the Sox will never get A-Rod. The bad karma they received when they ditched the Babe will never be lifted. The Sox fans will always have their dreams quashed and there is nothing that can be done about it.

And if we don't get A-Rod we are "stuck" with Nomar and Manny. Oh, that's terrible.

Hey, Yankees fans, have fun with Burkett. Oh, yes, he'll make up for the loss of Wells and Clemens.

Sorry Gordo, but Nomar will play like the first-class guy he is, no matter where he's playing.

Just like the Cubbies, the Red Sox keep sticking their thumbs into the eyes of the baseball gods...

It must be tough to be a Red Sox fan or PR person. Here they have yet another local franchise doing so well (this time the Patriots) and so they feel the need to get their name back in the headlines, pretending that getting AROD will assure them of a championship. But they seem to forget that only the Patriots, Celtics and Bruins are allowed to win championships in Boston. But there is a curse that prevents the Red Sox from doing so no matter who they trade for.

Also a bit ironic that this AROD thing could go down as the biggest transaction in baseball history---uh...that is, other than the one when the Red Sox decided it would be a good idea to sell Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

I get no respect around here... no mention...

anyways, the simple fact is it DOESN'T matter if we get A-rod or not. Sure, I'd LOVE to see him in playing for Boston, but we've still improved the team dramatically in the offseason and I'm sure they'll continue to do so.

If the deal gets done, great. If it doesn't, fine. Whatever, just either do it and let me know when it's done or stop making headlines about it. I'm sick of hearing about it.

Red Sox? Who cares? There are still too many overpaid prima donnas on that team.

Of course, MLB has far too many overpaid prima donnas as well. BTW, will MLB set up a separate set of season and career records for steroid users?

See, I thought this was what it looked like: