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things that make you go hmmmm....


I had a dream last night that Ghandi was repairing my roof. He was smiling.


That's odd...I had the same dream, except that he was helping me with my golf swing. Hmm....

Or was he rotating my tires??

That was after he was gassing up Hillary's car, right?

Must have quit his job at the gas station!

Did he offer that old saw about how it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for rain to pass through one of his roofs, but ONLY if you pay for the upgraded shingles?

Or did you just dream he was on roofies?

Did you happen to see how this other poor SOB died?



Did he use a hammer to pound the nails in or did he peacefully coax them into their places?

Was he barefoot?

Did he have bad breath?

Was he a super-calloused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis?

Was he really working on the roof or did he just have shingles?

Perhaps your brain is trying to passively resist whatever you had for dinner last night...

That must be in the DVD extras.

Ben Kingsley is an excellent auto mechanic, too.

Interpretation: You might feel exposed to the elements, or vulnerable recently/at the moment. The appearance of Gandhi signals that wisdom and compassion will see you through the "storm".

Who's buyin'? ;-)

He was smiling because you paid for the upgraded shingles but he installed the inferior ones, and you can't tell the difference.

DeeGee - Close

It's the new house - it is peace

THe brain works harder in sleep than it does when its awake - German researchers (on ABC or CNN on the net I can't remember and don't have the time to look) confirmed this - saw the same thing on discovery a week ago on a show about narcoleptyics (instant sleep disorder). The brain takes all the info in your life and super processes it when you asleep - allowing yourself to make those little jumps in logic and conculsions when your awake.

Ghandi is telling you that the roof over your head will bring you peace.