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No Child Left Behind

In the spirit of NCLB, here’s an educational post, with a comic twist. Guess what “it” is:

- One study found that 82% of women want to have it every three months.

- In a large survey, 80% of women said they don’t want to have it at all or at least reduce its frequency to less than once a month.

- A Harris poll found that, overall, 44% of women would prefer to never have it, increasing to 59% for women ages 40-49. The percentage of women who preferred to have it monthly: 29%.

The answer is here.


How much you want to bet that within this century, choosing when to have it'll actually be an option?

Dean, it's already an option (and has been for the past 40 years or so). All the woman has to do is ask her Ob/Gyn...or become informed herself :-).

Well, one =could= just keep getting pregnant over and over again. That would stop menstruation. (The best part of my pregnancy... woot!)

Some would say this is an extreme way to prevent having a period, but this is a technique as old as time....

One doesn't have to be that drastic, Meep.
It's been an option ever since the birth control pill came out.

I must know nothing about women because I didn't even come close to the correct answer.

Women and their OBs have been using the Pill to reduce periods for years, but now it's officially legal to prescribe. I was recently a participant in the FDA approval study for Seasonale the extended-cycle pill and I can't say enough good things about it. My girlfriends laughed jealously when I told them a single box of tampons lasted me a whole year.