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Not About Money

You want a new widget. You've got your eye on a couple of them. You've priced them, and the ones you are looking at are within your price range. You carefully set out to make a list of the features your widget should have. You budget. You window shop. Then you go to the widget store. You see several of them within your price range. Your paycheck will support a widget. You talk to the salesman. You find out which ones have the features you want. You tell the salesman you want to buy a widget. He gets out the paperwork to sell you a widget. He has you fill out the application (widgets aren't for everyone, unless you want the cheap model, and the cheap model is worse than NO model). You give him the money. He comes back two minutes later with a funny look on his face, shaking his head at the bills you gave him.

"I'm sorry sir, but...."

You ask him what is wrong with the application.

"Sir, you apparently misplaced a couple of decimals. These models are WAY out of your price range."

He's right. You thought you had the money, but you were WAY wrong. Those hundreds in your wallet were just ones.

And your paycheck? You've been wrong about that, too. Buddy, you don't make that much.


maybe you can find a better price for widgets on eBay?

Maybe its the wine - but WTF can't you count? What the hell is public school good for if you can't tell the difference between a 100 dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill.

I guess your the child left behind that all the Dems are bitching about.

Awww whatever - it's (was) open mic night - like anyone is going to come back and check replies.