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Missing the Point?

Dr. Sheila Koger of Bethlehem Baptist Church felt the need to go off-topic during a prayer service prior to Monday's events in Columbia, S.C.:

During the NAACP-sponsored service before a march to the State House in King’s honor, Dr. Sheila Koger of Columbia’s Bethlehem Baptist Church said the Bible doesn’t condone homosexuality and that transgender people confuse children.

“God said in the beginning he created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” Koger said. “If you don’t got a womb, then you’re a man.”

Koger said in an interview later that she raised the issue because she opposes gay rights and thinks King’s holiday should not be used to support the issue.

“Martin Luther King was not talking about gay rights,” she said. “He was talking about rights to have liberty. Don’t forget, he was a gospel preacher.”

Controversy ensued and presidential campaigns at the event responded.

[This post by Jeff of Backcountry Conservative.]


Perhaps she forgot about all the women who've had hysterectomies. Sorry, gotta go and tell my mom she's a man.

"If you don’t got a womb, then you’re a man."

Aside from the appalling grammar coming from someone of apparently higher education, I think women who have had hysterectomies will be shocked to find out that they are now, in fact, men. At least their salaries will magically increase! And I bet feelings of penile inadequacy are a bitch when you don't have a penis...

"Don’t forget, he was a gospel preacher."

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't advocate killing practicing homosexuals like the Bible does.

I had cancer when I was 20 years old and I had to get a hysterectomy. I guess I better tell my fiance that he's marrying a man.....