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What is it about men and their utter inability to cope with the normal minutia of child care? Husband was just in, complaining that Infant Child's outfits no longer fit. Given that Infant Child is 12 months old, that outfits are sized 18-24 months and that outfits were just purchased, I experienced pique. I instructed Husband to retrieve Infant Child and bring him to the family room. Husband left. Husband returned. Infant Child looked uncomfortable in said outfit. Then I noticed the neckhole around Infant Child's diaper. Once Husband extracted the baby and put the legs, arms and neck in the more proper places, Infant Child's outfit once again fit to perfection.


You don't leave him alone with the infant child, do you?

Would hate to think of him at feeding time.

PLEASE tell me this is a joke....


jeez, give the poor guy a break. it's a genetic thing....

What is it with women and their utter inability to take a joke?

omg that was sooo funny! I've got a brilliant man at home just like yours!


and to think....you helped it to breed.

We do that so you won't ask us to help out as much. Being incompetant is a wonderful attribute for the terminally lazy.