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Turn down your radio, please

Long time commenter, first time poster! Hyuk. Hyuk. Sorry. There's nothing as annoying as callers to talk shows who want the host to know that this is their inaugural call; it's the AM radio equivalent of typing FIRST! in a message board.

Hmm . . . / got nuthin', as they say on FARK. Wait! A Joke! Why did Howard Dean cross the road?

A: to get to California! And North Dakota! And New Mexico! And Texas! And New York! And New Hampshire! And South Carolina! And Coruscant! And Mordor! And Trantor! And Rhode Island! Yeeeaaagh!


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I feel for you, Mystery Poster. Hard to come up with a funny blog post on short notice. Kind of a "dance monkey DANCE!" feeling.

I like the callers who try and say "FTLT" or something. That's what I get for listening to WFAN all day long in NYC.