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My joke

Hi my name is danny i am twelve. i go to Jackson Middle shcool. ok so this giraffe is shopping (in a store) and the manager says say we dont get many giraffs in here and the giraffe says no and at these prices you wont get many more. HAHA


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Maybe it's the beer, but that's funny.

OK, it's the beer.

yeah, the beer.

But, it is funny.

definitely funny.

Here's one for you Danny,

Horse walks into a bar. Bartender looks up and says "hey buddy, why the long face"?

I always liked a man walks into a bar and says, "Ouch."

A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm and says "A beer please, and one for the road."


A dyslexic man walks into a bra...

Best post of the lot.

even a day later - plus a bottle of Reisling and a bottle of White Grenach later - doh - I nearly hit the floor laughing and I am just going from the bottom up.

What can I say - reaing a Longhorn OEM plan schedule makes for a boring day (but looks to have and incredibly cool amount of features - including the DRM stuff if you are into self publishing, which could effect the would of blogs in a major way).

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I love him a lot

I love him a lot