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The Bestofme Symphony

The seventh edition of the Bestofme Symphony is up over at XSet.

Unfamiliar with the Bestofme Symphony? Here's some basic info on it. Basically, it's one of the red headed step children of the Carnival of the Vanities. Instead of the best post from last week, blogs submit their best post ever. As the Symphony is still young there are much fewer submissions so you can actually read the whole thing in one sitting.

You can submit any post as long as it's at least 2 months old. It doesn't have to be from your own weblog, nor do you need to be a weblogger to participate. If you've got a favorite post on another blog, go ahead and send it in.

If you'd like to host a Symphony I'd definitely like to hear from you.

Snooze Button Dreams

PS - Thanks for the opportunity to post here, Michele :-)
PS2 - We have a new puppy! Quick peek in the extended entry. (Just had to throw that in due to a bad case of Happy New Daddy Syndrome.)

Am I freaking cute, or what?


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