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What's so bad about Dean's explosive speech?

Sorry all, I couldn't resist the urge to post here. Anyway, what's wrong with Dean's explosive speech that he gave last night? Maybe he did seem over the top, but he got nothing but cheers the whole time. That speech was about Dean making it clear that he has sh@t load of passion and he will not give up. Read the above in different words, on my blog - Boz

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I know that's what I elect a President on - passion!

Issues? Bah!

The ability to pop a vein and collapse from an aneurysm? Oh yeah!


No, you need passion to make it thru the race to GET To be president. You need passion to succeed in any career.

Wrong? Nuthin. Funny?

oh yeah.

True, there's nothing wrong with his speech.
But, you can't expect us not to run with it. It's flippin' hilarious.

Oh yeah, it's a comedy riot, but I just don't see how it makes him look bad. If anything, it makes him look good; more human, less robot.

Hey, it beats anything from that timid SOTU address tonight

Well if Dean's rantings aren't an advert for the legalisation of marijuana, I don't know what is! I mean like mellow out dude...yeesh.