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Fred Durst

I'm going to raise the question here that I raised over at my blog today.

Why the hell is Fred Durst still famous?

His crappy little band had a crappy little song that happened to be catchy and used the word "nookie" in it.

And then... nothing. All he's done since then is leech off the celebrity of hot starlets by spreading rumors that he slept with them.

And hell, there are 14 year olds that can do that.


I disagree, BreakStuff is a awesome anger song, but there are others that are quite good as well.
Sure he ain't no super star, but him and his band do rock, at least sometimes.

Fred is a visionary and I guess he is condemed to be misunderstood in his own time. He can take solace in the thought that his approach to life will be copied by most everyone in ten to twenty years. He is the Lenny Bruce of our age.

Jornin...I bloody well hope that comment is satire. Its funny as hell. Durst is an ego-maniacal self-publicist prat who actually believes his own press.

"Nookie" was funny but the rest of it is just c(rap).

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