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Excellent Choice

I don't know much about music...but that is nothing new. What I DO know is that the best love song ever written has the following lyrics.

"Oh, I'm picking out a thermos, for you
Not an ordinary thermos, for you

But the extra-best thermos, you can buy

With vinyl, and stripes, and a cup built right in

I'm picking out a thermos for you

And maybe a barometer too

And what else can I buy, so on me you'll rely

A rear-end thermometer too"

-Navin Johnson, lyrics

In other news, following in the footsteps of music industry titans Prince, Jefferson Airplane, and Puff Daddy, I am changing my name. My new name is a soothing shade of green in a rare Masonic pattern. It is unpronouncable,so you can continue calling me by my former name. I can't humanly sign my name anymore, so all gifts must be in cash. Furthermore, all gifts of cash (which, not coincidentally, is a nice shade of green with a Masonic pattern) must be in large denominations or it will offend my new religious beliefs, which I shall make up as conditions warrant.

Dancing Clocks are a good thing to see on an offical NASA document detailing security plan approval procedures. I wouldn't comply without it.

Ducks' quacks DO ECHO! The myth stating they don't is a myth. Their quacks do have properties which make them appear on an oscilliscope in a pattern reminiscent of, interestingly enough, an echo, but they do in fact echo. ALL sound does by definiton. If it doesn't echo, it is not a sound wave.

Salt is a seasoning. Seasoned salt is redundant. It's like hydrogenated water.

Cool word.

My brain is now empty again. I shall go fill it up. Good night, and don't eat any trees.

Why? Sheesh, you want splinters in your tongue?

Oh, and I plagiarized myself. Is that even possible?