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belated thanks

I meant to blog this on Saturday but got sidetracked by laziness.

Saturday's mail brought not one, not two, but three packages of reading material.

Thank you Allen for the book about 9/11. I've started it already and there are things in this book that I've never read about before. Also, thank you very much for the Cox & Forkum book.

Thank you Solly for this, the strangest concept book ever written. I'm enjoying it more than a sane person should.

Thank you, D., for my autographed copy of Coraline. One L! You rock, as always.

Thank you to everyone who hit the Laptop Fund Paypal button in the past two weeks. What with moving and all, the likelihood that I'll be able to afford a laptop before the GOP convention is slim to none, so every bit helps. You sure are a generous bunch of readers.

And, as I like to do randomly every once in a while, thank you to everyone who stops by to read my words. I often say I do this for me, but the truth is, I do it for you more than for myself these days. I like it that way. Keeps me honest and keeps me writing.

My third blogging anniversary is coming up next month. Any suggestions for a proper blog celebration?


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Hey. I'm going to be three in April. We should have a three-month third blogiversary party.

A week long expose on school lunches?


Salt, tequila, lime.....floor.

Traditional third anniversary gift: Leather

Hmmm... I wonder if I can find you one of these...

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It's your birthday, it's your birthday...

beer...lots of beer