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May 11!


Yes. I am so easily pleased.


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Hehe, already got them. Really nice rips to dvd of all the episodes, including the 3 "lost" eps and the inaired pilot. I rock. I will be ... LOOOOORD OF HUMANS!

er, that's "unaired" pilot.

I'm gonna sing the Doom Song now...

what? is the dvd coming out??

YES!! No more lousy homemade dvds!

w00t! I'm going to get me one, I'm going to get me one....or two, or maybe three....just for me!

I just love Zim....and I sooooooo want a Grrr.

Candy, do you want a robot GIR or a GIR in his dog suit?

Is he selling the DVDs online like his other product?

Easily pleased? Guys like that.