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The Dream

I tell this story every year on Martin Luther King Day. This year is no different and it's a good thing that I have something to put here because the daughter had a friend sleep over last night and they didn't go to bed until just a few hours ago, which means I didn't get to sleep until a few hours ago and the brain has yet to kick into gear.

This was many years ago, right about this time of year. My daughter must have been in kindergarten. She was doing something to annoy me. It must have been very annoying because I remember chasing her through the house, yelling at her. Finally, she ran into her room and hid under her bed. I was still yelling. She peeks her head out and screams:

"How are you going to keep Martin Luther King's dream alive if you keep yelling at me like that??"

Yes, my children learned at an early age how to combine their home life with what they learn in school in one big, manipulative package. But I suppose she did get the point of the lesson, so it's all good.

I Have a Dream


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His dream lives, not least because Martin Luther King dreamt of what The Lord of Hosts had taught in His writings.

Exiled, imprisoned and brutalized for decades, the Glory of God called on humankind to accept the oneness of God, the oneness of God's revealed religions and the oneness of humankind.

With all rights AND responsibilities which accrue thereto.

MLK just plain rocked in that he preached equality of opportunity for ALL people. He wasn't just out to increase the share of the pie for his own kind. He had the vision that this nation could only reach its maximum potential if NO ONE was held back for any reason.

At this point, if you are still denying a person an opportunity based on race, color, sex, belief, lifestyle, or any other factor that doesn't really affect performance, then you are only hurting yourself. Darwin's law will take care of you eventually.

I woke up early today, and while watching the morning news, I decided I should read the "I have a dream" speech by MLK today. I never have.

Well I got to work and forgot to google it, and then I came across your link and just read it four times.

Damn. I got chills.

Something that seems silly to a lot folks but I always appreciate is that while some people have off today (pundits included), Imus always plays the speech during his show, in its entirety. I'm a little too young to be there for his presence, but it's really nice to hear it in his words, not just on paper. It's nice to know that some people have faith in humans.

It is a truly great speech. I'd seen the whole thing before in video, but hadn't read it. It's just as strong on paper as is on video, which is not always the case.

Anyone who thinks their grievances against an opposition side justifies rhetoric along the lines of "I hope she gets cancer" should be forced to read this speech.

"How are you going to keep Martin Luther King's dream alive if you keep yelling at me like that??"

Answer? I'm judging you on the content of your character...

BTW Michele, that is a fantastic line coming from a kindergartener. I don't think I would have been able to keep myself from cracking up laughing.