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bad to the rabbit bone

Busy, busy, busy, as I assume I will be until after November.

Not too busy, however, to notice that the Eagles have lost (sorry, Alan. I would have taken their side if you would have held up a sign with my name on it, but I didn't see that one on tv, liar). And I'm certainly not too busy to keep thinking about the worst movie meme from the other night.

Here, let me throw something at you.

Food of the GodsNight of the Lepus
Maximum Overdrive
Bad Lieutenant
Eyes Wide Shut



How about Iron Warrior? Or maybe Return to Salem's Lot (I think that went direct to video)? Speaking of Stephen King movies, Storm of the Century was horrible. So's anything with Gary Busey?

Just a thought. I did a list of of bad movies on my blog a week or so ago. Should still be up there.

A boy and his dog (Don Johnson/future tragedy tale)

"Whereinthehell didja get those goddam chickens?!" - Marjoe Gortner at his best in "Food of the Gods"

"F*ck that noise, how 'bout the Mets?"

If I never see Harvey Keitel's crank again it'll be too soon.

I'm actually won of those rare few who put Eyes Wide Shut on my list of one of my fave films of all time.

Cherry 2000. Oh my god just shoot me now.

Thank GOD I'm not the only one that hated Eyes Wide Shut. My friend and I tried our best to stifle our laughter in the theatre, especially at the points when the piano was supposed to make it seem really dark and scary but we found it laughably pretentious. It was on tv the other night and I tried to watch it again to see if maybe I just wasn't giving it enough of a chance, but then along came that piano and I cracked up again. I'd almost watch the movie for the laugh factor if only it weren't so excrutiating to sit through.

Well, I thought Bad Lieutenant was a pretty good study of a cop going bad. Ugly, disgusting and fun to watch, in a gross kind of way...

But I'll never forget "Biggest Little Whorehouse" when the theater was quiet, and Dolly Parton sings ("I Will Always Love You") her love song to Burt Reynolds... and somebody in the 4th row MOOED....

The rest of the theater broke into hysterical laughter, and the movie was lost to us all for the duration...

I thought "A Boy and his Dog" and "Maximum Overdrive" were both hilarious. I suspect that neither was suppose to be. I know I was pulling for the trucks in the latter. Course I tend to pull for the baddies in crap movies...

How about "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things"? It's so bad it's great.

"But I'll never forget "Biggest Little Whorehouse" when the theater was quiet, and Dolly Parton sings ("I Will Always Love You") her love song to Burt Reynolds... and somebody in the 4th row MOOED...."

Well, that wasn't even Dolly's worst movie...

Can you imagine the pitch for "Rhinestone"?

"okay so we have Stallone, who's bankable, in a fish out of water story about a marble mouthed Italian who dreams of country music stardom + I think we can get Dolly Parton!"

I threw this on another thread but

"Yor, the Hunter from the Future" is why direct to video was invented(saw it in the theater with my father). Also terrible was the "SpaceHunter: Advetures in the Forbidden Zone" with a young Molly Ringwald.

Both movies had underwhelming villians named OverLord and basically could be seen on the Saturday TNT/TBS crapfest during the early to mid 90's.

Andrew, "A Boy and His Dog" was definitely intended to be funny. It's a fine entry in the post-apocalypse genre, all of which are extremely silly. Personally, I don't think the movie belongs anywhere near a "worst" list

"Eyes Wide Shut" sure does, though! That flick should have won the "Showgirls" award for Most Boring Use of Gratuitous Female Nudity in a Major Motion Picture. Holy crap -- it's like a half-hour episode of "Red Shoe Diaries" with an extra two hours of padding.