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Command Post psa: Help Wanted

Is there a primary/caucus coming to your town? Will you be doing localized coverage on your blog? Command-Post may be able to use your insight! Send an email here with some details of what your coverage will be like and TCP just might make you a special Election Correspondent!

TCP is also accepting submissions for editorials from bloggers who

Email for both: adminATcommand-postDOTorg.


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Let me save you the trouble... I can sum up the results from Texas in four letters at this point right now: Bush.

Is there another state I can help cover at this point, or should I act as the Human F7 Key again? ;)

Indiana, unfortunately, is a dead zone. Our primaries come too late, and, well, we dont carry many electoral votes.

Just as well for me, considering that Indiana is generally a backward-ass anti 'mo,bible-thumping state.