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every post you make, i'll be watching you

Didn't we just do this recently? There was some other guy who wrote some other lame thing about people who disagree with his ideology being idiots.

Here we go again.

I was thinking of giving this drivel a good fisking, but then I read between the lines. It's not that the author really thinks conservatives are stupid. He just has a hard-on for Glenn Reynolds and is trying to get his attention, in much the same way a stalker will set fire to the home of his object of desire just to prove he loves her.

Endless love, baby. Endless love.

Two blogs, two blogs that beat as one.....

website mixmaster via the object of desire


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OK, the guy should have left the personal insults out of it.
However, in terms of the substance of what he's saying, I think some of Clark's comments have been intentionally mis-represented. And the idea that cold winter days in one location somehow invalidate the entire concept of global warming is an obvious logical fallacy.

Ah, I see "Brian Flemming" is up to his old tricks again.

As for Global Warming -- yes, there are much more substantive criticisms of that theory than pointing out a bit of cold weather.

Andrea, when I read your post, "up to his old tricks again" automatically sounds like Maxwell Smart's voice in my head, even though that probably wasn't his exact phrase... "Ah, the old poison-needle-on-the-phonograph trick" is a real quote.

Somehow inspector gadget doesn't do it for me, it's got to be Maxwell Smart.

Dah dah dahhhh... da
ouch my nose

MikeR, if anyone's misrepresenting Clark's words, it's the anti-war faction. (Check out my comment at Blogcritics if you're curious.)

Glenn is sexy.

Brian is skanky.

Know the difference.

Okay, let's not get into picturing Glenn and Brian in Catwoman outfits.


Damn. Too late. Good thing I have a shrink on speed dial...

Am I the only one to find it oddly poetic that the advertisement at the end of his fuming was for Weird Al's "Dare to be Stupid".


It might not be an accident, in a way. I've noticed that blogspot adds (and others) match choose adds by matching keywords in the blog to words in the add.

Now if it were an uhm stupid algorithm that matched anywords with higher than normal occurance in the text to all words in the add, or if someone made "stupid" a keyword for that add, then there you go.