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Another comic-to-film I won't bother with

This is sexy.

This is skanky.

Know the difference.

UPDATE: Oliver agrees. And if anyone knows sexy from skanky, it's Oliver.


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Wow, I never thought that Halle Berry could look so unappealing.

director:Pitof.From Frawnce,I believe.I'm surprised she's not a bit more...hairy.

God, I never realized how much I liked skanky...

Does this make me a Bad Person?!

I'll take the skanky one, thanks.


No way man, I'm going with Bill on this one. What a slut.

You know, don't fix what ain't broke.

Michelle Pfeiffer please.

ill take skanky...im sorry what point where u making michelle

I hafta side with Michele on this one. No offense meant to Halle Berry - anyone would look like a ridiculous skank in that outfit. Hell, Christina Aguilera is probably ordering one this very minute...

Pfeiffer refused to do the costume,too much of a pain.or too skanky. Or,she's just too broken up about "Grease 2" making the bottom 100.

Say want you want, girl ... but cartoons give terrible ... well ... YOU know ...

Feh. I'm with Michele.

Agreed, a crumby picture anyway.

Alan is prejudiced against cartoon-americans...


Asks some questions and guesses your gender based on a dataset of the 5 million people who've taken the test...

It said that there's an 80% chance that I'm female.

86% male here.Makes me wonder which questions I went metro on.

That 86% is a confidence level.. Depending on the dataset it's possible that no one gets a higher confidence level than 86%... There's no reason to think there's anything "metro" about you other than your name [ducks].

yo,josh,have you gotten close enough to smell me?But you're right ,I need to change my name back to what it was before my pappy started working for IBM,that being Bruzgulis.Good call.

Sorry. Low blow.

I set a poor example for Metro-Americans everywhere.

Just remember that we're not all trogs, some of us are as classy as Howard Dean.

Point taken.Now,back to topic.Although I made a snarky comment about lack of hair,I have thought this through(yaz,Michele,you make me think of goofy thangs),and the woman's hair issue is a big point of my dislike of this costume(The Popeye essay made me remember Shelly D's role on "Bernice Bobs Her Hair").I find that costumes that don't show hair are cold and ....skanky.Leather is Ok with me,but hairless women(and Cats)are just,oh,I dunno,a bit odd and not so scrumdiddlyumptious.

OMG,sorrry about channeling Ned Flanders there.

ah yes, my geek friends and I had this debate about 4 months ago when pics of this movie were first being leaked...and we were locked in a similar debate. Frankly, it's hard to believe that crime fighters and evil doers run around doing their thang in these outfits as it is, let alone in outfits like THAT. come on now, we're trying our hardest to suspend our disbelief as it is! skank.

My favorite Catwoman will always be Eartha Kitt.

C'mon, the top one is a little skanky. You can almost see camel toe!

It's all in the groin of the beholder

Bring back Eartha Kitt!

Eartha was kinda "sexanky" - that is, a bit a both. IMO Halle tries for both, but like most people today. . .

I'm putting my chips on Pfeiffer, but to each their own and lots of folks aren't disagreeing with Michele, they just prefer skanky.

Again, to each their own.

I'll pick skankee, thankee.

i think Christina Aguilera thoroughly redefined (down) the notion of "skanky" with the Dirrrty video. she DOES looks slutty and dirty and greasy.

the Halle Berry outfit isn't so much skanky as it is FUGLY with a big dollop of CHEESY thrown in. it looks completely unworkable and trying way too hard.

sexy if victoria's secret.

ugly/cheesy is halle and frederick's of hollywood.

skanky is christina.

got me?

I agree entirely. What's with this idea that the more skin you can see, the sexier the outfit is? The traditional "catsuit" is sex in it's simplicity, power, and sleekness. That new costume in the new picture? That's something a cheap hooker would wear for some business man who has fantasies of getting spanked.

Mmmmmm ... skanky :)

Sorry, had a Homer moment there.

However, sometimes skanky is fun ;)


Haha... sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. The skanky picture is only worth four; "Direct to betamax release." I weep for the Catwoman franchise.

Ugh. Makes me want to take a shower, just LOOKING at her.

Damn that Lasik -- everything's in focus.

I thought this post was going to be about Christina Aguilera... did anybody see her on Letterman last week? She dropped the skanky look for a decidedly sleek and sexy look. Why? She said that on her last tour when meeting small children, many of them were frightened by her looks. Honest! That's what she said.

camel toe ,camel toe - animation always beats reality.
It's an honor to follow Kim Du Toit

The first one is a freakin' CARTOON. That's sexuality to a woman's taste; indistinct, all about imagination, and "anything can happy." The second is about a particular woman in a particular posture... Much more to the point, in a masculine view.

You missed the overall point, Crid.

And I'm not sure I get yours.

Julie Newmar
Michelle Pfeiffer
Lee Meriwether

Women look good in yer plain old basic skin-tight leather. Can I hear an amen?

Skank is an attitude and a behaviour, not a costume.

Christina Aguillera is a skank, on the street or in my bedroom. Put my wife in the same outfit and she's sexy. Well, sexy in the bedroom, on the street she'd just be embarrassed.

"Julie Newmar"

Yup, yup, yup!
The Catwoman prototype, imitated but never copied.

Hello Kitty!

(Sorry, I guess that's a store for little girls....)

Ah, too hard to choose between Eartha, Julie, Lee, and Michelle. They're all purrrrr-fectly wonderful as Catwoman.

Scott, you want to see a woman looking good in leather, check out Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. Special bonus points for being a vampire, too.

Who the hell is responsible for putting someone with this woman's beauty in that 25 cent hooker outfit? Did they use a 14 year old boy as a designer?

What a shame. If you want skanky, there's certainly enough of it around to satisfy without trying to make (whatever in the world kind of) a statement with a recognized character. Catwoman is a dark character, not a slut. Nor is she a dominatrix -- at least, not THAT kind of dominance.

Yeah! Better they just give Halle the heave-ho, and cast Betty Boop in the Catwoman role... better lines, cooler caricaturing, and a more compassionate cartoon all-in-all!

What the heck is "camel-toe?"

I "utter"-ly agree with Gary. Skanky is as skanky does. See, e.g., Hilton, Paris.

David, you're going to be sorry you asked.

Ok...that's not skanky...that's just ugly. Damn ugly. Know the difference.

A couple of points:
a) comparing a cartoon to a photo is silly
b) neither of them are sexy or skanky because the first one is, well, a cartoon and the second one just doesn't work (the "trying way too hard" comment by Dan Truly is right on the money).
c) Eartha Kitt was the sexiest Cat Woman. Not the most beautiful, but there was someting in her eyes that said "I know 75 positions and I will use them all tonight."

I am right. You are wrong. Discussion is futile.

There's a much larger version of the "skanky" picture here.

1st photo as a cartoon isn't a good choice. Better would've been Eartha, Julie, or Michelle sexy.

Halle's definitely got the skank on. It's an outfit I'd expect to see in one of the brothels in Nevada, not on a super heroine/villaness.

Give me sexy any day, skank is just too easy to pull off. (Look at Madonna, she's been giving women university-level lessons on skank for decades).

I don't think the Halle pic is so much skanky as it is just plain dumb. I mean, has anyone ever drawn Catwoman in an like that?

I know stuff gets changed when translated to the big screen, but what effing LSD trip spawned that outfit? Pfieffer's outfit was just smokin' and more importantly, from this fanboy's perspective, it made sense.

That thing is just retarded.

But Halle Berry is still hotter than any woman has a right to be. :)

Still confused on skanky and sexy, but Gary Utter above got it right, no matter what Christina Aguilera defines the hierarchy of skankiness.