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Wednesday's bender post of the day


Just another reason to root for Carolina.

Are all fans from Philadelphia loud-mouthed braggarts?*



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Just me, baby, just me.

Kudos to Sebastian :)

Don't worry, they'll lose their 3rd straight NFC Championship.

Well, they are after all....the Philadelphia Eagles.

24 years have passed since they were drubbed 27-10 in their last Super Bowl appearance.

They need something.

it's just sports fans being sports fans... if it were the Eagles that choked on 4-and-26, you'd be all over it like white on rice....

In a nutshell, yes -- yes they are. Remember all the Iggle asshats I had to ban from my old blog before Tampa Bay blew them away in the NFC Championship last year? Strutting around the house in my undies never felt so good!

damn Michelle, how are those grapes? sour? so Philly has no right to be proud of an unheard of 4 and 26 first down? well in that case i never want to hear about "the catch", "the immaculate reception", or any or those other no big deal events in the whacky world of football.

damn are you going to have to be talked off the ledge when we are having a parade up Broad St? i'll send you a "superbowl championship" cheesesteak.

Oh, Hen. You miss the point entirely. Being proud of win is great. Gloating about winning because of the other team's mistake is just silly. Eagles were lucky.

Parade down Broad Street? Hey, I'll be there, too! With monkeys flying out of my butt.

lucky, unlucky...all i know is the Iggles are looking forward to the Panthers and the Packers are booking vacations.

so then you'll be the gal with monkeys flying out your butt? cool. i'll come over and say hi.

As a diehard Eagles fan, I admit this site is asinine. Converting that 4th and 26 won't mean shit to me if they lose this week, or possibly in the Super Bowl. That said, I wouldn't go so far as to call it a lucky play. The Immaculate Reception was lucky. The Cal/Stanford 'Marching Band In The Way' Touchdown was lucky. The way New Orleans scored on the last play of the game in Week 16 this year against Jacksonville was lucky (missing the extra point and the opportunity to go to OT was unlucky). This was merely a passing play of 26 yards, a distance that probably was covered by hundreds of passing plays this season. Yeah, it was fourth down and it led to the tying score, but as an Eagles fan I don't feel lucky about converting it. I feel lucky Favre threw that dead duck up for grabs for whatever reason and that Sherman didn't have the balls to go for it on 4th and 1 - there's no doubt in my mind they would got the first down.

Really, were you expecting anything different from the Philly sports scene?

(And did I mention that POTVIN SUCKS!!!)

Michele, are you kidding? Gloating after an unlikely win, rubbing salt in the wounds, pressing butt cheeks solidly on a window: these are the things that make professional football great. Hell, when it comes to the Vikings/Packers rivalry, it goes beyond tradition, it's practically expected. I, for one, savor every Packers loss like the last drops of a fine wine, despite the fact my Vikings often suck testicle sweat. It's better than the Oakland Raiders' fans, who riot and loot when they win, and then riot and loot when they lose. A little gloating is a good thing. A lot of gloating is a GREAT thing.

The Packers can blow me, and do a good job of it for a change. Neener, neener, neener.

Wow. More crap about Philly fans, some of the most passionate in the country.

Talk about Santa Claus now. This generalization is disgusting. Lazy commentators and thinkers fall back on every time Philly and sports comes up. End it, please. No one's mentioned that the Rams fans booed their team for a whole half on Saturday. No one brings up the Giants fans knocking out a guy with iceballs. No one mentions Cleveland fans tossing trash on their field. People need to get over this stereotype. Lazy, lazy thinking.


Nobody mentioned booing.


Imperial Minion

lucky, unlucky...all i know is the Iggles are looking forward to the Panthers and the Packers are booking vacations.

And Favre will do so while wearing his SUPER BOWL RING.

The Eagles are a loss away from becoming more pathetic than Buffalo Bills. At least the Bills made it to the Super Bowl.

...and got clobbered by the 'Boys.

Jay - Two things: You think that Farve wd rather be booking his vacation while wearing his ring, or playing this weekend? NEVER refer to one of the greatest teams ever (the Buffalo Bills) as pathetic. Just like Michelle said, "lucky plays" conspired against them to lose the 1st and 4th Bowl (the middle two they had no chance). 4 in a row. A record that will never be equalled or beaten.

Hey Eric - How was the Dalls Post Superbowl Victory riot for you? did you get a new DVD or anything? Classy.

Didn't care too much before but if the Iggles win you haven't even seen gloating - Philly style baby

Thlayli, yeah!

All fans from Philly aren't loud mouthed, they just like their team like most other fans. Jet and Giant fans are pretty raucous, Ranger fans are pretty crazy, while Devil fans tend to be 12 years old or like to talk a lot of smack but don't like when people get in their faces... Philly fans live in a strange world. Their teams are looked at in some years as really good, but get written off quite quickly - like this season. IF anyone had "destiny" written on them this season, it was PHI well before GB because of the winning streak then went on after the Rush incident. I don't know if you can bank on Carolina, unfortunately - but then again, they shouldn't have beaten the "high powered offense" of the Rams, either.

You're damned right we are. Same way everyone else is in every other city that wins.
Especially after a game like that.
And besides, I have to be. At least one of my Philly teams is winning, 'cause my Flyers sure suck!



Birds 44
Panthers 17


Birds 27
Colts 14

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