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here i am, here i'll stay

On the discussion of homes (as in people sending emails trying to convince me to move to their neck of the woods for the lower housing prices) - I will never move from Long Island.

It's expensive, it's crowded, it's strip mall after strip mall and more cement than trees. It's bumper to bumper traffic day and night, it's high taxes and a bureaucratic nightmare and the transportation system sucks.

It's also where my family is. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, fourth cousins once removed - they're all here. We have holidays and birthdays together and spend time in each other's yards in the summer and my kids are growing up exactly the way I did; with their extended family and a huge circle of support and love right at their doorstep. I will never move my kids away from their grandparents; not at this age anyhow. And I don't want to leave my parents. Time goes on, people get old. I want to be here for them. Sure, the median price of a home is $400,000. Take a look at this cape that's for sale in my area. $409k. $5k in taxes each year. I know damn well I can't afford to buy a house here. But here I stay.

Oh, and isn't this ironic - the school district we're moving to is the Bellmore-Merrick High School District. The high school my daughter would attend in September? Mepham.

Good thing her father has an East Meadow address and I can still send her to EM High School. The logistics of the whole thing will be complicated, but it will be worth it to keep her out of that school.

Anyhow, thanks for all the offers of hospitality and the "ads" for your home state, but I'm staying put, despite the sinking feeling that I'll never be able to save any money. Community College, here we come!


I completely understand the real estate fiasco on LI Michele. My grandparents built the house I grew up in Hicksvile and paid less than $10K. We lived upstairs. My grandparents moved to Florida in 69 and mom & dad took over the house. My cousins [newly married] moved in upstairs and started their family there. My dream was when my parents retired, I could buy the house and my kids when they got older, could live upstairs. Didn't happen. When my parents retired in 88, they sold the house [a basic cape cod] for a little less than $300K and I had just moved to a suburb of Philly and bought a row-home for $67K and could barely afford that...

I don't know how the young couples these days could afford to buy homes on LI let alone pay the taxes. I feel your pain but fully understand the family angle. I wish you and your family much happiness in your new home...

Also no one will notice your accent if you stay on the Guyland. ;)

Long Island...Sure it's got lousy traffic and high prices for everything. Sure people can be rude and mean if you catch them at the wrong time, or with the wrong glance, or lane change. Sure cops and teachers, lawyers and judges are the only ones here who make six figures. Sure the job market is tight. Sure...Wait. Where am I going with this?

Oh yeah. We've got Adventureland. :)

Come on out and live in Nebraska where the real cool people live.

Actually, I will be in NYC and then going to Conneticut for the weekend. Wanna blogsit for me? Just drop me a line if interested and I will send you all my password info.


Haven't been back home in a while, like 20 years, what kind of a rep does Calhoun have now (does it still exist)? Can you send her there since it's in the same district? Enquiring Calhoun grads ('73) want to know.

Calhoun still has a very good rep. I could actually send her there if she joins the drama program, so I'm told.

I'll start making her hone her acting skills now.

We have a house in Long Island...Private Police, Garbage, vol fire dept and a short commute to the city (30 min or so).

The downside is that it is just too expensive to live on long island much longer. After the Baby Boomers retire and move away I just dont know who will remain that can afford to live here and pay all the taxes to support the island.

As the old owner of the Oak Beach Inn used to say "Get out of New York"

Spoken like a Nooo Yawka!

Seriously, I totally empathize with you, I would never move my family outta Rhode Island, simply because of the roots that have grown here for so long....

I understand completely. My brother, my children, and my grandchildren are all in Virginia. And I love it.

I can kind of understand about the housing situation; I paid $70k for a house 4 years ago, and I could sell it now for $87k. It's crazy, just not quite as crazy as it is there.

Imperial Keeper

Hey, maybe instead of just you moving, convince the whole clan to go. Pick some small town in the midwest and double the population, overnight!

You think your taxes are bad. My 1000 sq ft 1 car garage house in Austin is worth about $150k, and my taxes this year are $4000!