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I'm working on something about post 9/11 New York and the change in the political climate. Could Bush win New York? If you're one of the many New Yorkers who did that electric slide over towards the right after 9/11, please email me with your thoughts, comments, etc.


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Interested to see if the blogosphere's views match those I see offline. I'm ineligible to email you seeing as I was always on the "right" side.

i live in nyc and i slid to the right after 9-11. i don't think President Bush has a chance to win new york, unless he replaces cheney with giuliani for vice-president.

by the way, i have a poll on my site asking who should be the bush's running mate. condoleeza rice is way ahead of the pack. cheney and giuliani are tied with me for second place. check it out!

I didn't slide anywhere, I've always been center-right. After 9/11, I just ended up with a lot more people who felt the same way as neighbors.

November is going to be interesting, that's for sure. With Ed Koch endorsing Bush in NY, and should the Repubs get Giuliani involved (they will), Bush may have a very good shot indeed at the state, and maybe even the city.

Sure would be nice to see a nice red dorito-shaped blob on the east coast when the tabulation maps start to fly.

no doubt that if bush DOES manage to win new york, then the whole election is a blowout, reagan-mondale style. don't see it happening like that just yet, but ya never know.

The Dems nominate Dean, and NY is definitely in play; in fact, I'd have to say it going for Bush would be more likely than not. Dean is assured of winning only Vermont (duh), Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington and Hawaii (and DC). California, Oregon and Minnesota probably, but not definitely.

i actually did the exact opposite. i did what zoolander could never do: turn left. it was all very bizarre. now i am happily back in the center and not talking about politics.

Dave, I don't know if you remember the results from the 2000 election, but Gore only won Oregon by a whisker, and Minnesota was fairly close. They really don't belong on a list of automatic Dean states. Illinois, New York, and New Jersey belong on a Dean list far more then they do. If it's really true that either New York or California are competitive in the month before the election, it's OVER. The Dean campaign can just pack up their stuff and go home right there.

Ho boy, I sure hope not. I mean, how can all the downstate Dem-types look at how Bush has exploited 9/11 and still vote for him?

I live in Oregon and was appalled that Bush almost won in 2000. Gore really did squeak by on a whisker, and I was grateful.

I will probably vote for Bush this time, though. And so will half my liberal friends. Oregon is in play.

Half the population of Oregon lives in liberal Portland. The other half lives in small cities, small towns, or the mountains, forests, or desert. They are the type of people you think of as Old West. They are not going to vote for Howard Dean.

I live down in the mid-valley from Totten, and this state (Oregon) is very balanced left-right and very, very polarized to the point that you don't want a Bush sticker on your car, or you will get keyed.

I agree that the swing vote is heading right, but it's hard to tell how much, because the voice of the non-liberals in this state is often squelched.