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are you sure it's not monday?

5:30 a.m. It's cold. It's dark. You just had a dream about dead children. There's no milk for your coffee. You forgot to turn the dryer on last night. And your internet access is out. Oh, it comes back. Just in time for you to have to leave for work.

And how was your morning?


I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was arrested for quitting a job, the interrogation took place in a crowded holding cell with two machinegun-toting guards outside, and when the interrogator started marking on my hat and I slapped his wrist, the guards started firing into the cell. (I blame Ashcroft.)

Somehow no one was hurt -- not me, not the other prisoners, not the interrogator. Unless you count where I slapped his wrist.

Crappy. I can't sleep or eat since in a few weeks I should know if Steven and I are going to be able to save our relationship or not. Oh and add that to being laid off and it's making for crappy mornings, noons, and nights.

An hour on the Sunol Grade and Hwy 237.

It sucked, as usual.

Sucky - standard 90 minute commute around DC - spent 1/2 hour less with son in order to rush to go get allergy shot (another 30 minute drive) since they announced they are closed tomorrow, and lo and behold, decided to close today too. Professional or what? It was nice of them to jip me of time w/my son and my mom (she watches him during the day)...

Stuck on the subway for an extra 10 minutes.

and my glasses fogged up and my nose froze.

Fine. It's off-deadline week. Woke up late, didn't shave, apartment is pretty clean. Ambled into work around 9:30. Life is good. [Bully for me, right?]

Here's hoping everyone else's day picks up from here.

I had a post-apocalyptic dream that haunted me for hours after waking up, and then I couldn't get the husband to shut up long enough so I could write it all done! I escaped into the kitchen where my three-year old's antics with the pots and pans are far less annoying than constant questions about what I'm writing.

I usually don't remember my dreams but this morning I had two for which I simply cannot account. In the first, I was at my in-laws' house and was preparing to drive Mahatma Gandhi (that's right, THE Mahatma Gandhi) somewhere. I come back out of the house to discover that he's been shot. A debate ensues in my mind: do I run him up to nearby Piedmont Hospital myself, or do I call for an ambulance? In the meantime, the poor guy is bleeding to death, and I can't get my car started. We pull him out and lay him on the grass as he expires before my eyes, with me thinking the whole time that the great Nobel Prize winner is dying and I will not have the chance to change history by saving him and maybe enabling him to carry on with his peacemaking efforts. And it's ALL. MY. FAULT.

In the second dream, I'm walking into a cool, tree-lined grotto beside a stream, and suddenly a beautiful but non-poisonous snake (I know my snakes pretty well) descends and wraps itself lovingly around my arm. This is very nice, but then I look down and around and the grotto is alive with dozens of snakes of every different hue and pattern, and although I try not to become alarmed, I realize that I have no way of knowing which ones are harmful and which ones aren't. I try to make my way out but there is no place for me to set my foot without stepping on a snake, and some of them are moving toward me, and as my panic rises I make a sound and then suddenly I wake up...and so does my wife, wondering why I'm thrashing around.

Maybe I need a weblog where I can share this stuff with people and work it out. Or maybe I just need to get back on the meds.

Nice morning. The bitch behind me who was riding my butt for a mile or more (I'm going 15 mph over the speed limit aleady) tried to be smart and switched lanes with her exact next move being known by me. She and I were heading for the same exit my ESP told me. I moved forward slightly faster and successfully caused her to miss her exit because she could not cut me off and squeeze ahead of me and behind that SUV. I won! Plus, the finger didn't matter as I grinned on my way.

Woke up at quarter to eleven.

Nightshift rocks.

I had to wake up and leave my house at 5am and still end up being late to 0630 PT... stupid traffic.

Woke up this morning at 4am and found the water was cut off ... city workers fixing a leak somewhere in the neighborhood. At least I got to go back to bed, instead of sitting in a muddy hole fixing a pipe...at 4am so people can have water at 5. Which we did.

On my way home, will pick up some new gaskets for the leaky toilet tank I discovered last night...and need a piece of sheet rock to fix the hole where my poor bride stepped through last night putting Christmas in the attic (it's in a closet...talk about luck).

All in all, not too bad.

I purged all pictures of my ex-husband from the house last night, and then dreamed about him lying in bed asleep as I and a group of workers did home renovations outside (which was a lot like real life). Blah. Was late for work.

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