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bunch of idiots

I don't get it. Is this the low that sportswriters have sunk to? Granted, we really don't want any "what tree are you" questions, but to fill your column by making fun of the opposing team's city, well that's just bad journalism.

Note to Will Bunch: Maybe if you could write a column like this that came off as good-naturedly humurous instead of sounding very much like a snickering jock who spits when he talks, it would work. But it's not cutting it, babe. I'm just not feeling it.

Your piece didn't elicit a single chuckle, guffaw or heheh from these lips. Not even a small smirk. It just seemed petty and juvenile. And not juvenile in a Space Ghost sort of way, but juvenile in a "grow the hell up" way.

Next time you want to fill space in the days leading up to the game, you would do just as well to draw a crayon picture of the opposing team's mayor and write doody-head next to it. But that may take more talent than you actually have.

Go Charlotte.


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Dear Will -

What a bunch of vituperative tripe. I suppose that's what happens when advanced arteriosclerosis from too many Cheesesteaks cuts off the blood flow to your brain.

BTW, the nickname for Charlotte is "the Queen City." Since you obviously did all of your specious and cursory research via Google, I'm surprised you missed that. Not.

Oh, and way to throw politics into a sports piece. I mean, I just don't feel whole unless some overweight jock wannabe weighs in on current issues of the day in his column.


Michele -

Meant to put this at the top of that comment:

That column inspired me to reply--
(Insert above comment here)

Geez. Type, read, THEN hit submit. Doesn't seem like it would be that difficult, does it. Sorry.

What the heck is that stuff? So, he's writing a hate speech at a city in general... Doesn't that break like, the one cardinal rule there is in sports? Don't piss off the other team or its fans? Philadelphia had its marker-board material last week with Green Bay's destiny - what does Charlotte have this week? This column.

"Charlotte is the city too easy to hate"

Someone from PHILADELPHIA actually wrote that?

seriously, Mark - what happened there.

Oh, and I just sent this article to some folks at the Panthers front office. The Internet is grand.

Philadelphia--the city of brotherly love.

Note to Will:

Just because you have one, doesn't mean you have to BE one!

Thanks, Michelle, for the heads-up. I don't even like sports and I'll have to cheer Carolina on just to show this idiot up.

go charlotte!

This guy and Alex Beam should get together to write a book: "How to get attention by writing ignorant crap" (edited by Michael Moore?).

Bunch's last "trash the opponents to generate controversy" article was just as lame and unresearched ( info and links here: http://www.packersnews.com/archives/news/pack_14061740.shtml ; reply from GB columnist here: http://www.packersnews.com/archives/news/pack_14031529.shtml )

Well as a Cowboys fan, my disgust with all things related to the Beagles couldn't get much worse, but this guy sure makes an effort.

Really, he fits right in with the typical A-hole philadelphia sports fan. What a complete and total prick.

It digusts me to no end that the so completely overrated Eagles could be going to the Super Bowl. That thought is surpassed only by the realization, then, that the NFC is just plain W-E-A-K if that is the case.

Oh but for some better coaching decisions from Mike Sherman.


OK, granted, that was an unfunny column, devoid of wit and style. There's no reason to root for Charlotte, though.

Philadelphia is a great city; imagine New York without the arrogance, and well, you'd have somewhere else. But Philly still has its positive qualities.

This from someone in PhillY?

Philadelphia... the town with the only stadium that has its own courtroom for unruly fans?

now, here is an article which shows how to write a sports column poking fun at another city.

quote: "one of Miami's most popular tourist attractions is The Monkey Jungle. According to its Web site, it's "a place where the humans are caged and the primates run wild." In other words, it's South Florida's version of the 700 level."

As a philadelphian, believe me when i say this, the only thing more obnoxious then a cheesesteak with everything on it are our sports writers. Complete and total dicks. Of course, a lot of the fans, not a majority, fall into the category of people who read this and think its hysterical.

Slowly but surely, with the new stadii, high costs of bball and hockey tix, and the philly pop decreasing the typical white trash, idiot, rocky wannabe moron is leaving the sports scene and writers like this will be asking "you want dat cheesesteak wid everything?"

My goodness, that looked like it was swiped from the pages of an extremist political rag! I'm hoping that a public apology is proferred by the author for that garbage. I could only read small sections of it before I turned away in disgust.

you know, this strikes me as not unlike some of the political campaigining we've seen so far this season. In other words, "If you don't have anything good to say about yourself, say really bad things about the other guy."

I think a lot of the dude's shots (for example, at Billy Graham) were embarrassingly tangential to the topic at hand and made the author seem to be a foaming-at-the-mouth sort, rather than a good-humored "hey, this is why my city is better, and this is why my team is gonna win" sort. For years sportswriters have poked fun at their opponent's cities, for years mayors of towns have started goofy "bets" (usually involving characteristic foodstuffs of the state) on games, and it's never stooped to such a level of meanness before.

However, I expect that the bad press this dude gets over his nasty piece will cause this to be a self-correcting phenomenon. At least, I hope so.

Damn, I hate when idiots show their true colors so publicly. I'm embarrassed FOR him!

Now I will admit to being a huge football junky out and out fanatical for my team but that article is beyond even the term idiotic. I have many friends that are diehard Philly fans and this pissed them off!

However - in my true football freak fashion, I will be cheering for Philly cause we can beat them easier next year and that's where my focus is. :) If we can't be the champs two years running then let's see if we can't get one that we can beat next year!

"Philadelphia is a great city;"

Philadelphia is a rotting stinking hole that trumps such Jersey hotspots as Newark and Camden only because it has more historical significance.

"But Philly still has its positive qualities."

Yes...it has an international airport and a kickass sports complex.....but that is in the middle of a John Carpenter-esque vision of the future.

Go Panthers!


What, you get stood up in Philly?

"What, you get stood up in Philly?"

Nahhh..I've just never been a big fan.

The fact that this guy is throwing stones from a glorified Camden, a place best known for its people being assholes and its sports fans being outright thugs, a place that even the original Congress fled come summer months(yellow fever) triggered a Philly hatred that normally lies dormant.

There are ways of doing this in good fun but the guy was simply being a prick. Maybe its unfair for me to hold the city responsible...but who said life is fair?

Hey Ryan - Philly has a lot to offer, the people on an individual level are quite nice, lots of stuff to do and see.

Your dislike of Philly is misplaced. Just because Philly is near Camden (which if you don't know is really improving) is no reason to spew.

Oh and when the Iggles and Flyers bring home their respective world championship trophies me and my boyz are gonna be rioting and flipping over cars like it's 1999!

You know, I've never been to a place where the INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE weren't quite nice. That's not to say that nowhere exists such a place, but that's not a "quality" of a city.

It's a bit like saying that not being a sociopathic serial killer is a "quality."

I'm surprised no one here has mentioned W.C. Fields -- whose insults against Philly were so famous, that everyone got the joke when he said he wanted his tombstone to read: "I'd rather be in Philadelphia."

Buncha young, culturally illiterate whippersnappers.

My point, Pete, is that whenever anyone has anything bad to say about Philly it's usually along the lines of "there sports fans are out of control". My point, is whenever you generalize as such you are going to naturally focus on the bad aspects of a group.

Yes the Philly sports fan can be bad, not any worse then other cities of course, but we booed Santa and nothing is worse then that (like throwing ice balls at a NY giants - Charger game, for instance, or setting the stadium on fire at a NY Jets - Bills Monday nite game, for instance, or seeing Islander and Ranger fans fighting on the ice of a Islander - Flyers game, for instance...should i go on?) and so no matter how many good people are in Philly, how many great restaurants, things to do and see, we booed Santa and a sports writer is a dick so Philly is the worst city in the world.

Charlotte =is= a crap city -- but that's totally irrelevant to liking their team.

(Disclosure: I live in NYC, and used to live in Raleigh, NC, which I very much liked. I have a sister who lives near Charlotte and used to work there. I call Charlotte "Atlanta without the charm.")

A recent visit to NC afforded me little opportunity to look Charlotte over, but I can see why folks might like Raleigh.

Of North Carolina places I've had a chance to look over, I'd place Asheville and Beaufort in the top two.

Neither of which has been dissed by anyone in Philadelphia, I might point out.

Classy fella, there. Written like a man who knows his team is going to lose.

Charlotte is okay. Every couple of years I travel there in June for a collectables convention, and I've always had a nice time in the city. I've never been to Philadelphia so I can't comment about the place, but the term "City of brotherly love" strikes me as pretty funny now.

"Hey Ryan - Philly has a lot to offer, the people on an individual level are quite nice, lots of stuff to do and see."

My original was so over the top I can't believe people take it seriously.

"Your dislike of Philly is misplaced."

Yes, I should turn my hatred towards Charlotte....after all the writer said so.

"Just because Philly is near Camden (which if you don't know is really improving) is no reason to spew."

Philly being near Camden is on little relevance. I called Philly a glorified Camden.

After decades of folks like some of the morons above having their yucks at Philadelphia's expense, you finally decide it's a bad thing to do? Suck it up guys, it's just a newspaper column. AND, deal with it Green Bay fans. 4th and 26!

Michele, we Panther fans are feelin' the love.

Look, I've lived in Philly (I'm really from NY/NJ). Philly sort of sneaks up on you. It's seems ridiculous and crude at first, but then you find yourself loving it in all its weirdness. Then, you leave. This seems to be the pattern.

Four years ago, I stayed in the Charlotte area for three months, and enjoyed it so much that I would like to move there when I retire. The people were the same ratio of friendly/indifferent people that you find anywhere. The accomodations were above average and the climate was wonderful.

Hey, Will...Panthers 14, Eagles 3. B*te me.

Okay the Philly fans need to admit that there team is overated and weak and that most fans in Philly are a-holes if I recall didn't the "fans" hate McNabb at the beginning of the season and now he is some great savior because the Packers D fell apart at the last second. I am sure that the Packers fans are jealous of all the Eagles success lol. The Eagles are easily the most overated team in the NFL and if they ever win a Super Bowl it would surprise me.

P.S. Terrell Owens won't make a difference.

Okay maybe T.O. will make a small difference in all fairness I wrote that when I knew very little about football over the summer I gained much knowledge that and Will Bunch is an a*hole and I was very angry...