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Bender Post of the Day: Dear Roger Clemens

Today's Bender Award goes to you, Roger Clemens, because you "retired" from baseball as a Yankee and decided to come out of the retirement that never even existed to play for the Astros.

I hope you enjoyed all those parting gifts, Roger. I would say use them with pride and dignity, but you possess neither. Enjoying that Hummer?.

If only Hall of Famers had to go into the hall wearing the cap of their last team. The Astros cap would be fitting for you, loser.

No, I'm not bitter, Roger. I've always hated you. I'm just more passionate about it now. I hope you blow your arm out in spring training.

UPDATE: To the people coming here from the Astros forum: I mean nothing against your team, really. It's just that my hatred for Clemens causes me to lose all rational thought. And as for those who think I'm just a former Clemens fan crying sour grapes because he left the Yankees high and dry, do a little reading here.


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...with Roger Clemons clucking all the while...

I'm bitter. Looks like I'l have to go to the Big Blue Toilet Bowl (Shea) if I want to boo him in person. He dares not play for the AL. Dick. Maybe he'll hit Piazza again. hmm...

I hope you blow your arm out in spring training.

Oh, come on now. You don't mean that. You don't really want to see him throwing Favre balls, do you?

Watch it, Allah. You're getting dangerously close to pissing me off. You wouldn't want me to hex you now, would you?

Okay, okay. I admit it. I'm still grumpy because of The Disappointment Which Must Never Be Discussed.

Get over it, already...

Kinda like you had to do when we no-hit you guys back in June.

Because if it's one thing that George Steinbrenner has every right to expect, it's loyalty.

Go (dis)Astros!

VD, if you think they're crying now, wait until the HoF makes Roger go in wearing a Red Sox cap. I'd rather retire than play in NY too, so I can't blame Roger for coming out to play for the hometown boys. YANKEES SUCK!

What SSG B said, plus the same thing I said here before when the prospect of this first came up: at least it'll mean most New Yorkers hating Clemens as much as you always have, which is what he deserves.

I am not going to walk the ten blocks from the rail station to the stadium. No way, no how.

I find it amusing that we probably wouldn't even be here reading this bitter rant if Steinbrenner had made a better attempt to re-sign Pettitte. Face facts, that's what drove Roger to even consider signing with Houston to begin with.

Besides, what Hummer? The one he never got? Get your facts straight, mate.

I am a Rocket guy and I agree he deserves some abuse from Yankee fan (I am one of those too). However, if THE BOSS hadn't let Pettit go to Houston, Roger likely never would have gone there either. So guess who we can really blame for all of this...George Steinbrenner.

Interestingly enough, he will probably be a 3rd starter. As will Maddux with the Cubs. In the same division, two certain HOF pitchers, with many Cy Youngs between them, one having already won 300 and the other 11 wins away from the mark going from the 3 hole in each line-up. Now that is depth!

But so be it. Roger is finished anyway. I wish him good luck trying to keep the ball in the park in that homer happy place. Better than the Yankees moving to Texas, I suppose.

I wonder if he will still wear the Yankee cap in his HOF induction cermony now.

Roger overcame my long time Yankee fan resentments by his post 9-11 behavior. He was great in support of NY's firefighters and police. His visit to troops in Afgahanistan was also admirable. If he want to sully his greatness by parading his diminishing skills before his hometown fans, it's sad but understandable. Very sad.

Roger overcame my long time Yankee fan resentments by his post 9-11 behavior. He was great in support of NY's firefighters and police. His visit to troops in Afgahanistan was also admirable. If he want to sully his greatness by parading his diminishing skills before his hometown fans, it's sad but understandable. Very sad.


But they made up for it - they signed the great Tony Clark!


ps. Something's burning - is that Munson?

I'm getting really tired of reading comments like "He dares not play for the AL. Dick." When it wasn't a matter of him wanting to play for ANYone but the Yankees.. he just wants to be at home. And the team in his home town happens to be in the NL. So what?

I'd love to see the reaction of a Yankee fan if some hall of fame pitcher who'd been pitching EVERYWHERE but New York for 20 years finally decided to pitch one last year IN NY for the first time ever... and the fans in the city he last pitched in yelled epithets at him. I'm sure it'd make a lot of them into hypocrites.

and as for having nothing against the Houston Astros, what the heck did you mean by "The Astros cap would be fitting for you, loser."?

Well, you're right, technically, about the losing. 42 years of baseball here in my hometown without a single postseason series win.

That's about to change. And thus the jealousy will probably increase further. Oh well.

Just be happy for a great ballplayer who wants to be with his family more and pitch for his hometown team for the first time. Is that too much to expect from baseball fans?

Wow, it's amazing how quickly inaccuracies can become truth online. Clemens didn't get a Hummer for his retirement. He got it for his 300th win. Also, there is no way the HoF was going to let Roger in wearing a Yankees hat. They did away with allowing players choose their cap after Dave Winfield seemed willing to auction the righst away during his induction. The HoF now choose the hat. Clemens played most of his career in Boston, 13 years. He racked up the bulk of his stats there. Won everything but a WS as a Rouge Hose. He's wearing the Sox cap.
If Yankee-dom wants to toss insults about Clemens betraying them. Fine. You want to call his new team a bunch of loser. Fine. Just don't keep spreading the lie about the Hummer, or disillusioning yourselves with the hat he'll wear on induction. It makes you look stupid and petty.

What can I say? I'm stupid and petty.

As for the cap, it was Roger himself who was insisting on wearing a Yankee cap, to the extent that he would boycott his own HoF ceremony if they made him wear a Sox cap.

Considering how he departed the Red Sox and the Jays, why the Hell are you surprised?

Yankees fans are the epitome of schmuckdom.

He was never a Yankee..which is fine..he should have played it more honestly,.he was in it for himself and for the rings..he should have just kept it at that level. Frankly, he didn't fool many of us Yankee fans..we guessed what he was about..and his move to the Astros just confirmed it..he is only our for himself. His speech before he went to Toronto about the "horrors of living in New York" was the first big clue!
As Mike Lupica said..next time Roger wants to rub Babe Ruths forehead at Yankee Stadium, he will have to buy a ticket.
Good Riddance Rocket..glad you are out of our orbit!