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4th and 26

I swear I am going to turn off my email and comments soon. Hell, why don't I just get it out of the way for all of you and be done with it once and for all.

4th and 26!!

Why, maybe I'll just rename the blog 4th and 26 so I can constantly be reminded of it. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Do you all feel better now? Good.

[Late start today - regular posting will be along shortly]


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There were a lot of bad things in that game though, that wasn't the worst of it. Pinkston never should have been left alone, even though the line almost sacked McNabb on that TD, and the game shouldn't have been that close. 1 FG for three quarters of play? Pretty harsh. Sorry about your team losing... Kind of a bummer.

Can I say it? I'm gonna say it.


Be happy you don't live in a media market that has a lot invested in a rivalry with the Packers. If I hear one more columnist-who-pretends-to-be-a-cynical-non-homer [Reusse ( http://www.startribune.com/stories/508/ ), I'm talking to you] crow about how this choke was just as bad as the Vikings in Arizona, I'm going to have to--er, blog about it or something.

I'm still laughing. Fahrve and The Pack can suck my dangling dong. And their little dog, too!

This wasn't a choke. This is the natural result of using the prevent defense. Of course, the only it prevented was a Packers win.

Why do teams continue to use it?

I feel your pain, I just haven't had to deal with a whole lot of crap yet. That will all change soon... Working in a sports bar... in PA...

I like the renaming the blog "4th and 26" idea...

Funny, it looked to me like the Packers weren't using a prevent defense on that play, because they didn't have anybody extra in that middle zone (the same place McNabb had been consistently completing passes up to and after that).

I still say this crash-and-burn is less dramatic than the Vikings (at least the Pack didn't let them score, then make an onside kick and score again), but there sure are some similarities.

The only thing that really bugged me right away was that hail-Mary-to-nobody pass Favre threw. I know he has reacted poorly to dire situations lately, but that still seemed uncharacteristic. Maybe he bought into that "destiny" crap the media kept bringing up.

This one reminded me of the Notre Dame-Miami game with the Third and 44 play.

I was at that game. 1989, my senior year at UM. Craig Erickson to Randall "Thrill" Hill. The Canes went on to score, which I refer to as "the 120-yard drive" (30 backwards, 90 forwards). Final score: Canes 27, Irish 10.

What a great play!

(My Super Bowl bet is still on line. Philly to win it all.)

I'm in the camp who believe the most egregious mistake was made in not going for it on fourth and one. If you get the first down, the game's over. On the other sideline, Donovan McNabb is just waiting for a chance to come in and win the game. How could anyone who saw what he did on that last touchdown want to give the ball back to him with a reasonable amount of time on the clock? Even if you don't get the first down, your defense still has a chance to stop them or hold them to a field goal and overtime. You only gained about 20 yards from the darn punt.

I'm sorry, but the Packers' coach was more afraid of losing and being second-guessed than he was excited about having a chance to put the game away.

This game was about 4th downs. First I think (read yelling at the t.v. screen) the Packers should've kicked the FG when they were up 14-0 and it was 4th and goal.

Then, in overtime, 4th and 1 on Philly's 40 yard-line....punt?

Lastly, as you so eloquently put it 4th and 26 and no blitz????

Then again, there is a reason I am NOT a coach in the NFL.

You don't have to rename the blog to remember.

Right now Eddie Griffin's taping the spot that Fox will spring on us every other commercial break for the next ten years:

"Twenty six. There are 26 miles in a marathon. In football, twenty six yards is more than a quarter of the football field. Twenty six yards is almost three times as far from the first down as you were on the first down. And on fourth down, twenty six is impossible, it's insurmountable, and its hopeless....until, with thirty-two seconds left, Donavan McNabb drops back, and twenty six just becomes one more than twenty five."

I don't think I will have the stomach for it.

Yesterday, Donovan became...."Five"

That, either.

That was hilarious, Brian.
Unfortunately for Packers fans, if the Eagles end up winning the Super Bowl it will probably happen...

Brian, you captured that perfectly. Even if you didn't mention Eddie Griffin, that's whose voice I would have read that in.

That's not Eddie Griffin in those spots. You mean Don Cheadle. I guess we all look alike.

Yea, especially during voice-overs.

man oh man the chesesteak hat is lookin pretty good right about now. FLY EAGLES FLY, on 4th and froever.

Voice-overs? Have you seen any of the spots?

oh my g-d, look at this site!!!

I have been a die hard Philadelphia fan my entire 18 year young life, I have seen so many heart breaking scenes, that witnessing what occured the other day summoned an emotion i have never experienced before, and i can only imagine what else is to come, if, the big Philly if, they win Super Bowl XXXVIII. 4th and 26. 4th and fucking 26. I may die in peace.





At first I believed that not going for it on 4th and 1 in overtime was the dumbest move ever. But Sherman gambled and I think he made the right call. The defense did get them to 4th and 26. Unfortunately Donatell turned out to not be so smart and blew it himself. I'm glad they got rid of him.

A review of the 4th and 26 play is in order for all Eagle fans. Whether or not the first down was made should be in question. Receiver caught the ball "near" the yard marker needed--not where the bonehead referee marked the ball. Why there was no booth review we'll never know.