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i'm your cartoon tivo

Reminder to Adult Swim fans: Home Movies returns tonight at 11 pm.


This has been a cartoon psa.


Ooh, do they still rerun the 11 stuff at 2? I hope so... I'm stuck at work for another half-hour. :(

Only minutes away... Glad I found sonmeone else who loves Home Movies, we're few and far between! I'm always crossing my fingers that it'll find steady life on the tube...

The Packers loss is all Brendan Small's fault! He did it!

rabbit troop suuuuucks

Give us a hug, Cloudchaser!

Why is Home Movies part of Adult Swim? Did CN get complaints when it was on earlier? Is it that risque?

Man hug! Man hug!

he's the greatest guy in town with seven testicles, septopus! septopus!