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there's more than seven, you know!

Arthur passes along this laughable story:

Rep. Doug Ose of Sacramento has seven dirty words very much on his mind, courtesy of such free speakers as U2 singer Bono and Nicole Richie, the rich kid co-star of "The Simple Life.''

Fed up with recent repeated instances of broadcast TV networks allowing language that many people would deem offensive to be aired live, the Republican House member has introduced a bill that spells out the seven awful words that would be banned from the public air waves in all their forms and all their meanings -- "including verb, adjective, gerund, participle, and infinitive forms,'' as the bill says.

Among the words are such swear-word standbys as those used for excrement, fornication, urine and parts of the body. The list includes one word, a -- h -- , twice, as one word, and in its compound form to leave no doubt Ose wants it banned.

I thought I would write the good Rep. Ose and tell him what I think of his proposal. Instead, I'm just going to dedicate this 30-second song to him.

[please do not play in front of small children or sensitive adults]Blink 182 - Family Reunion

Enjoy. It's a great sing-along song!


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Denis Leary's a--h--- song might be another good choice.


(This comment is certifed Seven Words Free™)

Ose is spanking his monkey if he thinks the turdball bill is going to pass. He'd do well to quit trying to buggar the rest of us, sod off, and go shag a squirrel or something.

Proof that you can be profane without using the seven words.

Pompous, sanctimonious jackass

I think George Carlin has already commented on this subject...about thirty years ago, actually.

Curt's right, this is already done and failed before. No one can possibly think this kinda shtuff can make it now in the age of "reality" shows and all the T&A on TV you could shake your stick at...

Fun. Glad I turned the volume down before I woke my upstairs neibors blasting that song.

I sure would like to thank you for that little diddy that has now, somehow, taken permanent residence in my brain and won't go away! I think the honorable Rep. needs a grip, still...the voices in my head now!

I heard this one on the radio news a few days back. The radio report was amusing because it ended with:

"And those seven words are...well known"

Yeah, not only has George Carlin commented on this, Ose's bill pretty much plagiarizes Carlin's routine by putting the seven words in his highly rhythmic order, with the exception of the second "asshole" replacing "tits." Man, if I were Carlin, I'd be on TV someplace ranting about THAT. I mean, come ON, Jon Stewart, MAKE that phone call.