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don't mention that throw if you want to live


I don't want to talk about it.

But I'm sure Alan does.


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This is why people shouldn't believe in God...he doesn't care. I guess...

NFC East triumphs again; too bad it wasn't the Cowboys. Next week: Pats over Indy, Eagles over Carolina.

One of only two possible outcomes for the season. A costly interception or a Super Bowl victory.

Win by the Favre, lose by the Favre.

PLEASE--Indy will destroy the Pats!

Man, that really bites. I honestly expected the Packers to be picking their teeth with McNabb's bones right about now. Sorry, Michele.

Farve didn't see those guys playing deep. I'm surprised one of them didn't wave his arm over his head when he caught that ball....

Le sigh...sorry babe!

As a tried and true fan - Pack, we loved you this long, we always will.

Didja draw the sad face yourself? It's cute.

Yeah I know I'm OT but my TV (read multimedia projector) is on the fritz, and it's $300 for a new lamp for it.

Looks like the voodoo is on a roll, eh?

Hmmmm ... I fear you. Go Eagles, beat Carolina.

at least Favre won't retire this season ...no one would end their career with a throw like that


No way Indy beats Pat. Indy has no D as was proven earlier today, and I fully expect Brady to take advantage. On the other hand, Pat's have the 2nd best D in the NFL, THE best in the post-season now that the Cowboys are out. New England: Good offense, Great D; Indy: Good offense, terrible, terrible D.

Go Patriots. Upon "the throw" my son got up out of the recliner, said 'I can't watch this anymore," and went upstairs. He is really a Dolphins fan, but he was rooting for the Packers today.

Wot, Packers lose or something?

Your puss coach shouldn't have punted on 4th and 0ne. What a puss!

I guess the voodoo gods found Elton John unsuitable.
Sigh ... what a heart breaker ...

I hestitate to say anything, but one cheese head to another - WTF was Sherman thinking?! I mean of all the effin' times to borrow the effin' Rams playbook! Why not go for it on 4th and 1? Why not try for the win in regulation? Judith H. Mother effin' Christ! I quit. I'm done. No more for me.

Go Panthers! Go Patriots! Go anyone but the fucking Eagles!

Fourth and TWENTY-SIX?? Are you kidding me?

Both teams played the crappiest games they were capable of. As an Eagles fan, i'm no happier about this win than the first win against the Jints off the Westbrook return. If they play either of the next two games trying not to lose, they will. Badly.

Sorry Michele! So many chances for the Pack. 4th and goal=nothing...Fourth and inches later and they punt...Fourth and 26 later on still...ouch. Not to mention a 14 point lead to start the game. Not to mention Home Field Advantage next week if they win?!

Now you know why they make so much beer in Wisconsin...

Furthermore, Sherman was damned if he did and damned if he didnt on the now infamous fourth and inches before McNabb's miracle drive. He was likely thinking of the fourth and inches failure on the goal line earlier. If he does go for it at midfield late in the game and comes up short, he gets questioned by the masses, if he punts he gets questioned...just a hard decision and it would have helped a lot if the punt hadn't been a touchback.

So many little things.

Too bad affirmative action allowed this McNabb guy to get in the league or The Pack would have won fo shizzle.

Gotta agree with Mike. As an Eagles fan, this game was crap. Without the INT or the screwed-up 4th-and-1 call (wtf?), we wouldn't be here now. And the final field goal, after/during a whistle? I'd be pissed if I liked the Packers.

So who's the team of destiny now? 4th AND 26??? GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!

The Packers where secretly replaced by the Vikings.

Too bad the Eagles win had to come against the Packers. But as others said, fourth and one, you've been steadily moving the ball with the run even though the Eagles defense knows the run is coming -- and you punt it into the end zone.

As bad as the Rams coach not once throwing the ball into the end zone with 27 seconds left. Hey, you have some downs. You have some time. Throw the ball long twice into the end zone, but long enough so if anything goes wrong the ball goes out of the back of the end zone or the sideline. But instead they wuss out and run the clock down.

Fortune favors the brave, and all that.

Still, Eagles seriously dodged a bullet. They play like this again and they're sitting out of the rest of the winter.

No one is going to stop the Pats. What is it, 14 in a row now?

As TMQ would undoubtably note, the Football Gods do not smile kindly on teams that allow a 4th and 26 to succeed. That causes them to write "game over" in their shiny book of destiny.

The only team that could stop the Pats now is THE YANKEES! (HEH HEH) Get it--NEW YORK owns BAAASTON?

The curse applies there too.


I was really hoping the Eagles would have a repeat of last year and choke but sadly this was not the case. Glad I didn't watch the game, from everything I've heard it was terrible.

Ah well...here's for the Eagles losing to the Panthers!

Peat: And Miami owns New York!

Look for a Red Sox - Astros series next year, with Clemens giving up the series-losing home run in Fenway.

But that's enough of baseball. Pitchers and catchers don't report for another few weeks.

Until then, we've got three more games of football. (Not counting the pro-bowl, which I believe should be a flag football game, anyway. I mean, who's kidding whom?)

Patriots don't play in Boston.

The pats are the worst team ever to finish the season with the best record. EVER! Go Colts, Go Eagles.