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ready for some football

Beer: check.Chips: check.
Dip: check.
Packers jersey: check.
Packers blanket: check.
Voodoo: check.
Humility: On reserve just in case.


Hope your Packers do as well as my Colts! :)

Who besides the Eagles and there fans would have the heart to pull for the packers.

Go Pack! It's only right that the Pack rolls....

The Psychic Beagles are with you--they picked THE PACK and are 3-0 so far this weekend.

Also, thanks for your heads up on Jimmy Page. Truly one of my four fav people of all time, outside of my family, of course. To me, Led Zep never gets old, I still hear new things that each band member does in songs every time I listen to them that I haven't noticed before. Kinda like reading the LOTR or the Bible or watching Pink Floyd's The Wall or something. But 60!? Wow. No wonder they aren't doing a reunion tour--although if The Stones can try why not Zeppelin (aside from the whole John Bonham is dead part)? Still I wish they would, time is running out and I never have seen them live, much to my regret. Even at 60 I bet they would still know how to Rock N' Roll.

Also, don't feel depressed about how old you are (if you really are). You have lived a long and useful life and you are a highly counted on every day to pass along your learnED wisdom. For instance, I finally got around to reading some Neil Gaiman (American Gods) and, once again, you were right. I really like his writing style as you predicted many would if they gave him a try.

Besides, none of us are truly happy until we die, right?

Go Pack (I am bandwagoning, if that is ok, since my Broncos got worked by the Colts last weekend).

Sorry ment wouldnt pull for the packers

Here's hoping that your recent voodoo effectiveness percentage doesn't end up with a .500 average. It might, since these players are supposed to hit each other.

Just sayin.

Wow, how many Packers does it take to sack McNabb, anyhow? Sheesh. And Limbaugh thought he was nothing but race-equality hype- shoulda' laid off those OC's, Rush. 14-14. On a busted play.

Ahh, that's more like it. Tuned in for that last touchdown and got worried. Now I see McNabb pulling turf out of his teeth.

How great was THAT! Fahrve takes a poop by throwing the ugliest pass in his career, and then the Packers aren't even ready for the field goal! I'm laughing so hard, I think I just pee peed in my undies. Too funny!

I am pretty sure your jersey would be a Brett Favre jersey. But I could almost see it being an Antonio Freeman jersey. If by chance, it is a classic Bart Starr No. 15, however, I would be most impressed.

To watch the Pats game on Saturday with a bunch of buds, I wore an old Vancouver Canucks jersey. Didn't get the reaction I would have liked.

Tough break, Michele. I guess you guys should have gone for it on fourth down, instead of punting it into the end zone.