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do that voodoo that i do: Packers edition

Let it be know that:

eagles.jpgToday, being National Voodoo Day,

and this being the day that voodoo cults from around the world make sacrifices to their gods,

and this being the Cult of PackersBeatingTheEagles,

we hereby offer on this, the 10th day of January, 2004 a sacrifice to the gods of football, and the sub-gods thereof, including the gods of touchdowns, sacks, tackles, first downs, interceptions, fumbles and end zone dances so that each god may make their powers work in the respective ways necessary to allow the almighty Green Bay Packers to win,

the sacrifice consisting of, as requested, one dead eagle, one live eagle, and being that we could not find any beautiful virgins in Philadelphia we instead offer you one flamboyant entertainer who once made a song about Philadelphia, which we were told was an allowable substitution,

we beseech you to work your voodoo tomorrow.

Yours in the name of National Voodoo Day,


P.S. Thanks for all that voodoo you helped me with when the Yanks played the Red Sox. I hope the lead singer of Boston was as tasty as you expected.

P.P.S. Please let me know if it's not too early to talk about Howard Dean.


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Well, St. Louis did their job...everything points a NFC Championship in Lambeau (hopefully). Would make up for losing the opener to the Vikings...and the Philly writers are doing their part as well. Bunch of cocky jags.

Umm, wouldn't Elton John count as a "packer"?

Thank you, I'll be here all week!

I swear that wasn't intentional.

Bad Blaster! No cookies for you!

A short-lived victory at best... they have to spend two weeks in Houston preparing for The Superbowl.


Well with the Rams' upset tonight, the Packers DO stand a chance at the NFC championship. There's no way, however, that they can topple one of the AFC giants, particularly the Patriots, my Super Bowl champion pick.

Steve of Norway, if the Packers win, they will play in Carolina. Of course whoever the NFC representative is, the PATRIOTS will clobber them!

May Brett's arm never fail and Ahman's legs never stop.

I just hope Ahman doesn't drop the ball like that Monday night game.

Thanks, Michele. You're the best Packers fan I've never met (in person, that is).

Now that the Titans are out, I'm officially on the Green Bay bandwagon. Make room for one more!

Oh, man, you are so setting yourself up for a major disappointment. Patriots have a thing against the Packers. It'll be ugly, and it'll break your heart. My Pat's have been grinding out games all season- they don't win so much as just not lose by never giving up. Except for the Bills. They made a meal out of the Bills last game of the season.

If you would promise to sacrifice Howard Dean for me, I would root for the Pack, even though I'm honor-bound as a Chicagoan to want to see their ugly green asses kicked.

I refuse to discuss the hated Patriots until today's game is over. Then, and only then, will I unleash my wrath.

I, too, will be routing for the Packers, seeing as I have tickets on the 45 yard line at Panthers Stadium (I can never spell that cell phone company)... It's good to have rich relatives!

I know personally that almost all Wisconsinites will be headed, at least in spirit to, the land of brotherly love (cough cough - sorry I must have gotten an oximoron caught in my throat) to tromp those eagles. We love all you who are with us, really we do!

YAY!!!!! Patriots!!!!!!!!!

The only team I hate more than the Patriots- the Dolphins. Go Pack!

Michele and Sgt. Hook,
You are two VERY enlightened football fans. And the Packers can take New England. I'm worried about today, but they couldn't be in better shape for a playoff game than they are right now. And Philly reminds me of the Pack last year, rolling into the playoffs decimated by injury and not playing that well.
Yer Cheesehead Buddy,
Full Auto

You gave up Brad Delp so the Yankees could beat Boston? You Philistine!

"George Bush is the Brett Favre of politics, only without the charisma, talent, objective accolades, or manly beefy jaw."

-- Pandagon

Oh, one other thing ... WE WANT FISHSTICKS! clap clap clapclapclap

Did someone say fishsticks?

I'll bring the tartar sauce.




And Favre doesn't even have the class to face the press. So much for destiny.

Lileks wrote a song about Philadelphia?