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media minded

We went to see Big Fish. I was going to write a review when we got home, but I got a special delivery today of the MTX CD. Therefore, I will be listening to that and you'll get two reviews for the price of one tomorrow!

Ok, one sentence about Big Fish: It's a story I wish I wrote.

Oh, one other thing. Why is the weather always such a big deal to newscasters? For three days straight it's been:

Our top breaking story tonight: IT'S COLD! IN JANUARY! IN NEW YORK!

Go figure.


Eggsellent! That's next on our movie hit parade.

We have free preview tickets for Miracle on Thursday. Wanna come? :)

I can't wait to see it; and not just because it was filmed in my hometown. And not just because Ewan McGregor and company hung out at my favorite Old Cloverdale haunt, while I had just moved 1400 miles away. The bastards!

I mean, uh, can't wait to see it.

I just got home from seeing Big Fish, myself. What a wonderful tale....truly storybook stuff that we just don't see or hear anymore.

I very much enjoyed that movie. I was practically giddy everytime I saw a familiar place... And Andy, when you see it, watch for a verrrry familiar commercial about halfway through. Anyone who's lived in or around Montgomery would recogize it. ;)