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this one is all yours


Commence with the captioning.

Update: As noted in the comments, I did not Photoshop this. It's real.


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"Maria's pie chart is still baking in the oven."

I'm wauning you! If you don't shaut aup I weel staple deese to your forehead!

Hasta la vista, pie charts!

You photoshopped that picture, right? Tell me he didn't actually do that...

Ron, I didn't touch it. It's right here.

"Zince I kannot grope vomen anymore, I'll chust haff to be zatisfied viss lewd prop comedy."

As the first order of gubernatorial cost-cutting, Gov. S. sold all the state easels on eBay, autographed "I'LL BE BACK"

... sorry, best I could do and not get crude.

That's just too funny.

You'd think a staff member would have tossed that chart out the window the minute it came back from the print shop!

"I vill not rest until ve haff recovered Chames Bond"!

He's doing a Mel Brooks.

"Excuse me while I whip this out..."

"My pudget iss bigger dan your pudget!"

Well, maybe YOU didn't photoshop it, michele, but I sure did. :)

The steroids may have distorted the shape, but it's still huge!

"Vee ahh goying tooo circumsize da budget."

Sans the Arnold accent: "You see this finger? It's going straight to your brain if you ask another stupid question about the chart!"

"We haff to eliminate items from the budget, starting with easels for charts."

And for my next trick, i'll balance the budget.... on my head, while Gerry Coleman will dance the charelston on top!

It really is thiiiiiis big!

"And eef we look at it sideways, it is just like a naked woman lying down, only I haff cut off her head! Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Try not to lose your head Sexual Harassment lawsuit woman!"

"Dot's da last time dot I vear dis schtupid pink tie dot Maria gafe me vor Christmas!"

You WERE thinking it looked like a TIE, weren't you? Oh, get your minds out of the gutter!

"At least I am not on a radio show doing this," intimated Governor Arnold Schwarznegger.

Governator Arnold announced his plan to ballance the Culifornia budget by selling penis enlargement via email. He will henceforth be known as the Spaminater.

"The state is so broke, we can't afford an easel so I vill hold the chart."

Is that a pie chart or are you just happy to see me?

"And my point is.........."

As you can see, our budget is flacid, limp, we need to pump so life into him, er it.

Dammit, if only we had Dennis Kooky's pie chart that he was using on radio to see who's is bigger.

"...Now this shows the return to the state if we invest taxes in Pfizer."

"All it takes is one more Hollywood star's annual income and the the state will be in the black!"

"I would like to thank our new chartmaker, Monica Lewinsky, for an excellent job. She does it all by hand..."

"This pie chart shows the states budget hole as well as Davis' popularity."

Now bend ovah vile I check the state of our finances for swelling or enlargement!

"So I say to the Democratic legislators, 'Let's get it on!'"

Looks like the state of Arnold is rather robust.

"And now I would like Magic Johnson to come up and brief you on our new outreach programs."

"People say California's budget problems are hard. They are correct."

"Please join with me in hooking up with the critical recovery bond."

"When we have licked California's budget crisis, the chart will point up this way."

"This is a big chart. Perhaps it takes both hands to handle this whopper."

The California Recovery Bond is a lot like a prostate exam... With my index finger I exert pressure on...

"I got your deficit solution right here."

"The root cause of the deficit is shown on this chart."

"Are those national champion Trojans here yet?"

"Thank you for erecting me."

"...and we are going to strengthen the penal codes to go after tax cheaters and scofflaws..."

Charles....do you need an intervention here?

Yes, please!

Ja, Kalifornia's recovery will be wery long, wery hard, and things of that nature, but mit a stroke of luck, ve will pull through.

Oh, this is too easy.

"Dey don't call me da Sperminator for notting!"

I can't believe thaat chart made it out of the print shop. I know it's not photoshopped, I just can't believe it.

“Now, I know a lot of you lawmakers in the audience today are thinking, ‘Arnold, what is a Penis budget, and how will it work for California?’ And you know I am glad that you are asking this because I am going to be telling you. The Penis Budget.....”

“Now, I know a lot of you lawmakers in the audience are thinking, ‘Arnold, what is a Penis budget, and how will it work for California?’ And you know I am glad that you are asking this because I am going to be telling you. The Penis Budget.....”

(opps, sorry for the repeat)

"Und zo, ladies und chentlemen, come on over to Sacramento, und ve vill pump you up!!"