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Turning Paranoia into Parody

The Command Post is running a new contest: The Homeland Security Advisory System Contest

TCP would like to redesign the boring Adivsory System the government puts out. Let's face it - if it's government issued, it's bland. But why settle for bland when there are a million would-be graphic artists and Photoshop addicts out there just dying to redesign the various levels of threat conditions.

Go. Link. Enter. Link.


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After reading this post over at ASV yesterday, I just had to enter the contest. I sent my entry in already (as noted here, but I had to post this because I spent a little more time on it.... [Read More]


I am hard-pressed to think of a better set than the Muppet Advisory System over at Geek and Proud.

We're at Bert!

If you turn up a full copy of the Harvey Birdman threat scale, I hope you'll post it over here for us... I'd love to see what the rest of it might be, aside from "blackwatch plaid" and "Rush's 'Moving Pictures'."

When my immediate thought is that it somehow must include "probablity of cavity searches", I probably should do something else instead...

Hey Michele - should we be posting our entries on our sites or shall we hide them for a while???