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i get older as the minutes go by

As if the whole 25 years thing wasn't enough, I find out that Jimmy Page, one of my childhood heroes, turned 60 today.

I don't think I ever realized when I was sitting in my room playing air guitar to Trampled Underfoot that Page was almost the same age as my dad.

Somehow, I just can't picture my father on a stage, doing a long guitar solo in front of thousands of people. Then again, I can't picture Jimmy Page giving lectures at firefighting conventions, so that evens out.

But, still. 60?


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At least he's prepared us for this development, since he's looked like he was 60 ever since he was with "The Firm".

And I say this as one of the world's biggest Zeppelin fans.

Considering his past, I'm flabbergasted that he's still alive.

Maybe for Page and Keith Richards, the drugs/booze/babes bachannal acted in a homeopathic way - making them healthier.

My 17 year old daughter refers to the band I play in (60s70s80s rock) as "my midlife crisis band".

I tell her there are worse things I could get into.

Don't complain about getting older, it beats the alternative.

But at the risk of getting injured, here are a few more to chew on:

Elvis would turn 70 next year

All of the Beatles are (would be) past 60, as are all of the Rolling Stones and the three surviving Beach Boys.

And that icon of 50s cool, James Dean, would be 73 next month (and next year, he will have been dead for 50 years).

Jeez, I think I've really depressed myself this time.

Who's Jimmy Page?

Worse, in this week's Sports Illustrated, Robert Plant declares that he can beat Page at tennis.

Could be worse --
Remember Tina Louise, "Ginger" from Gilligan's Island? She turns 70 this month.
Egad. Me need beer.

Yeah Brian, but I bet she still looks damn good.