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good, bad, i'm the one with the phone*

I just called my ex-husband to wish him a happy birthday.

Now, I just have to figure out if it was my good side that called him because I am sincere in wishing him happiness or if my dark side phoned him to rub it in that I'm a better person than him.

Which would kind of refute the fact that I'm a better person, I guess.

* surely you know what that is a reference to.


No, I don't know what that is a reference to.
And quit calling me Shirley!

Yes dear, of course we know what the reference is to. And good on you, either way.


Break out the YELLOW CHUCKS!

Well maybe I didn't recognize every single tiny little syllable, no. But basically I got it. Basically.

I got, maybe, .00000001% of it. The reference was to an event, place or entity in the known universe right?
Ok, good, I thought so.
But that doesn't really narrow it down very much, now does it?

Must be my S-Factor kicking in
Cool layout, BTW.

It sounds familiar but I just can't place it.

I'm thinking a movie about a hostage standoff in a car dealership?

People, it's a reference, not an exact line. And you all shame me.

Evil Ash!

Is he 30 today?????

Isn't it "naughty... nice..."?

Good, Bad, I'm the one with the gun.

I prefer Evil Dead II, but Army of Darkness is a funny movie.

"You found me beautiful, once."

"Honey, you got reeaall ugly."

Another possibility is that since you revealed your ostensible good deed to the entire blogosphere thereby nullifies the goodness of it. Unless you were not looking for affirmation/validation for your good deed, and just being cathartic.

Michele? Cathartic?




Scott's answer just made me giggle like a little girl. Good one, Scott.

God, I hope my ex doesn't see this post. The thought of her calling me on my birthday.....Nooooooooo!

hmmm. your ex-husband and my ex-husband have the same birthday. i wished him a happy birthday, when i went to pick up jos for the weekend, and he just grumbled.
because he's an old fart.
and i'm not :)