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rolling around

Pedram has a wonderful note of thanks up (along with over 500 comments) to the people who assisted in the Bam relief effort.

Jason of Stick and Move has a very amusing column about Pete Rose in today's Saratogian.

If you have something to say to Don Zimmer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar or a multitude of other sports stars, Aaron will give you their phone number, thanks to a huge mistake by an AP staffer. [more at Gawker]

Baldilocks gets obessive-compulsive about salad making. For the record, my salad is always the same: a mixture of arugala, butter and red leaf lettuce, a few croutons, a handful of shredded cheese, a dash of parmesan cheese, black olives (sliced), sesame seeds and a homemade dressing consisting of nothing more than olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt, with a dash of black pepper tossed on at the end.

Speaking of Gawker, they managed to get the jury questionnaire from the Martha Stewart trial.

Jeff Jarvis writes something about the WTC memorial that I find very disturbing. (Jeff's not disturbing, what he uncovered is).

Matt Moore has officially left the ranks of the unemployed. Perhaps Kevin isn't far behind him.

Swerldoff's mom is hanging. In a museum, that is.

Back to work with me. If you feel like gratuitously self-linking in the comments, here's your chance to do it without annoying me.


But it's really more fun to annoy you than not... :-)

Thanks for the possitive vibes; perhaps they worked... Second interview Wednesday.

should I update to new new style???

ed note: Then go read Jim's post about the invasion of the French Whorehouse.

What they heck, I always love new readers. A lot of the posts are about my girl over in Iraq and what's going on with her. The rest is me trying to be amusing about my really boring life. http://www.bethmauldin.com

Thank you, Ms. Michele.

If you're in the Everett/Seattle/Tacoma/Olypmia area, we at Random Nuclear Strikes are extending an open invitation to folks for Saturday, Jan 17th for the 3rd installment of the Seattle area Blogger Meet, Greet and Shoot.

That's right, there's shooting involved. So, if you want to de-rust those skills of yours, or if you've never shot before and want to give it a try, let us know that you want to come along over at Nukevet.com

I just need to know where everybody's coming from so that I can find a central location. As it stands now, the central location is in Bellevue.

nothing more than olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt, with a dash of black pepper tossed on at the end.

Which, if the salad's good in the first place, is really all any salad needs. Good-quality olive oil, fresh lemons, and you're set.

This is just to announce that as of at least today, it is O-fficial:

A Small Victory is not approved for government consumption. Along with CP, the Puppy Blender, and Charles.

But I could still see ATS, and Bloviating Inanities. Go figure.