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pass the geritol

Nothing puts quite a damper on your day as opening the mail and seeing an invitation to join the planning committee for your 25th class reunion.

That's high school. 25 years.

I had no idea that I was so old.


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Also making me feel old today: Jimmy Page is freakin SIXTY today. Jeebis!

Of lesser importance, today is also the birthday of musical moonbats Dave Matthews(37) and Joan Baez(572) oops (63).

i'm the same age as you. class of 79 rules

we're not really baby boomers since we were too young for woodstock, and not quite generation X because we didn't grow up with home computers

we're "disco teens"

I feel your pain. Last night I got together with my college roommate, who I haven't seen for 23 years. One of us still has his hair, and thank God it's me.

Class of 82' ugh.

Hey, high school was the six happiest years of my life!

Damn! How do you think I feel. Mine was my college's 25th.

Join the club. Class of 1979, York Catholic High School, York, PA

Geez, thanx fer reminding me... (/end good-natured sarcasm)

-- from another Class of '79er in the flippity-floppity-floop...

I was NEVER a "disco teen".

Class of '79, Centereach High School, Long Island, NY

Hah on all of you! I'm the class of '80. I feel young now!

Holy Trinity High School, Long Island.

High school is one thing, but for someone like me who graduated from college at 30 (yes, the ever-more-popular twelve-year plan!), the 25th class reunion ... <shudder>

Class of 78, we used to get into teen nite rock clubs by bringing disco albums that were run over by a bobcat later in the evening. Disco sucks

Class of 77 and you all can just bite me for not being older. Dammit.

Huh - and to think I was 6 that year.

Whippersnappers. I attended my 30th high school reunion in October. I was really excited, flew all the way from Florida, and only one other guy from my class showed up (it was a multi-class event). I did manage to see game 2 of the Series while I was here, so it wasn't a total loss. Now, bite me!

Sy. Anthony's Hish School, Smithtown (now in Dix Hills), class of '73.