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amber alert over: girls safe

They found the girls. They are safe. The bastard killed himself. If there is an afterlife, may he be tormented in it forever.

Update: Now they are saying he's wounded, not dead. Good. Hope they torture him.


sorry Michelle, this another time I'm gonna have to disagree with you...this man doesn't deserve to die...

He deserves many many lifetimes of extreme agony and pain....

Hmm, my Amber Alert is still yellow. Do ya have a link ya could share with us, Michele?

I'm getting this off of CNN tv, Tiger.

Thanks for posting that. And frankly, I'm glad he's not dead. Let him enjoy a little doggie-style with the cellmate for, oh, say, the rest of his accursed life.

CNN's got a link up:


COOL, they got him and the kid's are safe... maybe God listens once in a while.........

One can only hope the girls haven't been messed up too badly. I was overjoyed when Steven Staynor turned up, but the rest of his life didn't go well.

Meanwhile, I hope the hospital pharmacy is out of painkillers and that they ultimately fry the son of a bitch slowly.

If he dies, burn him and flush th sshes. That might slow a few.

Those poor girls are going to need lots of love and therapy to not be completely tramatized by what that *sshole did. He murdered their grandparents, aunt and baby sister (probably in front of them), kidnapped them and told their mother he'd kill them one by one, gave chase to police, crashed the car, then shot himself in front of them. One report felt the need to include the detail that one child was covered in his blood.

AND WHY?? because his ex-wife had a new boyfriend. There isn't enough punishment on this Earth for what he's done. Those girls will never be the same.

Bet this was a real ethical dilemma for the troopers...I'd let the bastard bleed out before calling EMTs. Guess they had to address the kids condition foremost even if it meant saving the perp...IMO a waste of medical resources.

One also wonders why the kids were not with the mother...especially a 10 month old. I heard a report that they had been taken away from the custodial parent, but they never clarified who that was prior to the grandparents...maybe I missed it.

I suspect these kids have long been the victims of abuse that a war between parents produces.