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and speaking of CNN...

Has anyone else noticed that the only guests Larry King has on lately either have one foot in the grave or are reminiscing about a long dead entertainment star? I swear, every time I flip by his show, I age another year just looking at his lineup.


Well, he also has charlatans claiming they can talk to the dead people as well. Don't forget that.

Well, they say you know you are getting old when your address book starts filling up with dead people.

Pretty soon he'll be like Joe Franklin, interviewing old people who aren't even famous anymore.

Larry's angling for the coveted 'Joe Franklin' slot.

Maybe I am too.

Thought up the 'Joe Franklin' line, skimmed the posts, and then went ahead and wrote that while Crank's 'Joe Franklin' post was staring me in the face.

I need a new brain, this one's full