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just me obsessing over something again

Fox, the only site to stay on top of this story, now has a photo of two of the missing girls up on the front page. If you are in the area of alert, keep your eye out for these poor girls.

Meanwhile, Drudge still has scary Katherine Harris as his lead/photo story. His second story is something The Command Post had two full days ago.

CNN still has Scott Peterson's smug mug starring up front.

I don't get the fascination with Drudge. He makes millions of dollars for putting up links. He very rarely gets a scoop anymore. In fact, TCP beats him to most of his top stories. He rarely makes commentary and his headlines read sometimes like The National Enquirer.

I think I found a new obsession. Watching the media and keeping track of what they think is important news. No particular reason, I'm just done obessing about the WTC memorial for now and I need something to take its place.

Speaking of Command Post, go read this beautiful essay on Iran by Dariush Sharazi.

Hell, while I'm plugging my own sites I might as well tell you that Four Color Hell is hopping again, and you may have missed my photos/essay about the aviation museum over at Retrovertigo. I know you missed them. You would have left a comment if you were there, right?

Ok, done self pimping.


Watching the media and pointing out the differences between left- and right-wing media was the original intent of my blog.

then I found out how much like work that was.

Well, I'm not looking to point out political differences. I think I'm going to more of a current-events culture watcher. Or something like that.

Hell, I'll probably end up watching Cartoon Network most of the time, anyhow.

Tonight at 11: Tom Kills Jerry!

on Tom & Jerry...

ever notice the music on the old T&Js?

You could close your eyes and still know EXACTLY what was going on.

I've seen newer ones, and they have bland canned music, they talk, and ARE FRIENDS!

Tom & Jerry have gone PC!

re: Drudge. Once someone gets a big readership, they tend to keep it, even if they dont alwaysa get the scoops.

Frequently, Instapundit isn't 'first' on a story. But he still (deservedly) gets the big audience.

As long as big (or samll) bloggers are reasonably prompt and 'get their share' of breaking stories, they'll keep their readership.