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smells like victory

This is really all you need to know about me.

What Classic Movie Are You?
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seen first at Mr. Tepper's


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I am The Godfather.

Now give me money or I'll put a dead horse on you.

I'm Schindler's List... World Leader: I'm Mother Teresa

That was fun! Thanks!

I'm "Sunset Boulevard" and Bill Clinton. And if that wasn't bad enough, the quiz adds the most unflattering comments.

So of course I had to put it on my website!

NO WAY! I am Sunset Blvd and Bill Clinton.

Holly, we were almost made for each other.

if only our diva-like behaviour wouldn't result in a murder-suicide....again.

Easy Rider. Now I'll have to watch it again - I haven't seen it since it was out in the theaters.

Whoa...I'm both The Godfather AND Saddam Hussein!

Has anyone seen my hole?

Hmm, I think it's broken 'cause it says I'm the Godfather and Saddam Hussein. Me, lovable ol' Nothus! Huh. Oh well, time to go shake down a few business men, collect the numbers take and drop a few rival dealer's in my industrial shredder...

Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein I think. Or maybe Blazing Saddles.

I'm Easy Rider and Abraham Lincoln - Now there's an interesting combination.

"Easy Rider" and Albert Einstein. I am so psyched.

Apocalypse Now and Saddam. Guess I must be pretty frustrated - I should really be Apocalype Now and Pyongyang.

What Classic Movie Are You?

Wuthering Heights???

Never seen it, but apparantly I answer like a romantic.

Now I know the test is innaccurate!

What Famous Leader Are You?

Heh, I guess GWB wasn't an option!
Wish I had the url of a HUGE smiley to put here.

BusHitler for president!

The problem with making that a Tee Shirt is that it would be hard to make it clear that you really WILL voter for Bush.

The Godfather and Ghandi...

Well, you either visit my store in St. Louis or James Caan gets shot in the Lincoln...